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Allie | Class of 2017

Allie came to me for graduation photos recently and is such a delight to work with and be around. I am always so refreshed when i leave graduate sessions. There’s just such an exciting energy. Allie has the sweetest personality and we quickly settled in nicely! Here are just a few of my favorite images from our time together.

Allie – thank you so much for choosing me to photograph you as you head into college. I am certain that big things are in store for you and that you will meet your goals with ease. I am excited to hear and see more about what you accomplish!

be infinitely blessed

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Megan | Class of 2017

so basically, i want everything in this girl’s closet. and her hair. Megan is a high school grad this year. We spent some time together walking around and chatting about her future plans. She’s sweet and charming and has the best energy! these are the moment when i’m thrilled to be a photographer and call it “work”

Megan, you are the coolest! I just met you and i know that you have an abundance of potential and drive. You will surely succeed in all you do and make everyone so so proud! thank you for sharing the last few bits of this chapter of your life with me. you are definitely a highlight in my season!

be infinitely blessed


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Sam | Class of 2017

Sam is a graduate this year. We met a few weeks ago for photos. He is the kindest and most well mannered guy. Downtown exploration was a great time with him. I am sure he has many fans and supporters in his life, but after spending just a morning with him, i can tell he will do well in life.

Sam! thank you so much for spending your morning with me! I had a great time and think you are the best kind of guy! I hope to see you again and again and look forward to hearing updates about all that you accomplish in college. Thank you again for sharing your time with me and for being so kind and generous.

be infinitely blessed

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Laken | 12 years

my kiddo turned 12 today at 7:13am

Now, i do not consider myself a sentimental mother. it’s not my style. i didn’t save macaroni necklaces or those handprint paintings. i don’t cry on the first day of school. and i didn’t get emotional when he hit the “double digit” mark in age.

but something about 12 is incredibly difficult for me. maybe it’s because next year, he’s officially a teenager. Or maybe it’s because there are small glimpses of his release from me.  At 12, he has developed his own interests. We do not share them. He is very much into c++ coding and technology. He loves science and math. He has very little appreciation for my sarcasm and mom jokes. His brain is very linear. and mine is… well… yeah.

At 12, he knows what he wants to wear. And what he wants his hair to look like. He is highly against me putting him on social media without his prior consent. He needs to know the what, where, why, and when for anything we do.

At 12, it has become apparent that he is growing. He’s about 2 inches shorter than i am. And if he falls asleep in the car on our drive home, i have to wake him up to tell him to walk to bed. He’s just too heavy.

At some point… he will surpass me. in intelligence. height. interest. and he will no longer be the little boy wrapped in my arms. At 12, i feel like that light at the end of the tunnel is more of an oncoming train than anything else.

For now, i am enjoying the small moments. and any photo where he looks like a little boy again and not a growing young man. I love catching those few and brief moments where he plays like a little boy with cars or in the water. I appreciate this age. and all the years prior. and all the ones to come.

but my momma heart just wasn’t ready for 12.

bacon. i love you.

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Brana | Class of 2017

brana. hi. ok.

that was probably my exact reaction when i met her for the first time. Brana is strikingly gorgeous and has the sweetest and most genuine personality. She has this sense of calm and peace about her. We had a grrrreat time photographing. She is so laid back and easy to photograph.

Brana! really – i had a great time with you on your session and loooooved how easy and fun it was. thank you for asking me to take your photos as you prepare to graduate high school! I am excited to hear about all that you achieve in the future.

be infinitely blessed

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