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Kory | class of 2014

the second i saw her, i blurted out, “my goodness you are beautiful” – no thought. no control. just boom! “you’re gorgeous!” Kory is graduating from high school this year and came to me for senior photos. we had such a good time despite the wind and the crazy cold.

::love this::

kory – thank you for keeping me in mind for these photos! i am so impressed by your ability to make it look nice and warm. you are an incredible young lady with a bright future within her reach! i am excited to see what college life holds for you!

be infnitely blessed

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Flashback Friday | Social Media Week

Riding on the coattails of “National Sibling Day” … i found myself somewhat saddened by all of the posts of people with their siblings.  Not a day goes by that i don’t miss my little brother or think about him or ache to see him again. And while i can still (very much) celebrate him and think of him and keep  him alive, there’s still a small part of me that is sad and wishes i could take selfies with him. or laugh with him on his bed. or still pick on our mom.

so i find it only fitting that my flashback friday post be a photo of me and him when he was just an infant.  When i think about “Flashback Friday” and what it means or what it could mean beneath the surface level, i feel like i should say it:

disconnect from social media. from posting. and phones. and selfies. and cameras. and instagram. and the need to make every memory a public memory that you share with everyone on your facebook feed. let some of that remain private and sacred. and just sit back and enjoy being IN the moment.

naturally, i am in the business of photography,  and i understand how important photos are.  This photo makes me happy, sure. But nothing can ever take away the feeling of playing with my little brother and what it was like to have him around and with me.  or the emotions that are stirred when i remember how beautiful he looked in his simple white onesie. and that was the whole reason my mom pulled out the camera to begin with.  this “flashback” provides memories of the times he used to come into my room and toddler-babble that it needed to be cleaned. or the time he came in after his bath and woke me up from a nap with his naked bum on my face.  this photo shows me that… despite the fact that even until his last breath he couldn’t stand for people to be up in his face… but he would always make that exception for me.

don’t let your photos and your need to socialize leave you with only empty flashbacks. make your days count. your moments count. your memories count. and don’t just document them… be a part of them. i love my brother today.

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Thirsty Thursday

i feel like “throwback” has already been done when i was forced to post that photo of myself two days ago. Nobody needs to see that business again.

I joked recently today’s generation has “throwback thursday” but MY generation has Thirsty Thursday.

without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my most favorite poison:  The Moscow Mule!

i cannot WAIT for summer time on the patio with these babies!  You can find the recipe (and original photo source) here – because… let’s face it… if i have one of these in my possession… the last thing i’m doing is taking a photo of it.

CHEERS to thirsty Thursday, y’all!

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Woman Crush Wednesday

I’m totally going to get sappy here. My gramma is, hands down, my Woman Crush Wednesday. She began an “adult life” at the age of 13 when she began to raise her nephew. She was married at 17, she had 12 kids, helped raise two of her grandchildren (myself and another cousin) and currently boasts a family of almost 100 people!a few years ago, i was fortunate enough to take her to Mexico City. It was such an honor to see my grandmother’s face light up as we walked through the streets of her country, visit churches, and embrace the culture there. she beamed and had an endless energy that seemingly came out of nowhere. This trip will be one of the major highlights of my life.

She is the kind of woman I want to be. The woman who forgives much. Prays often. Loves big. And knows that this life (no matter how hard or trying it is) is not her forever home. She laughs beautifully. She jokes. She still has some spunk.

Even until now, I call her Welita – which is short for “Abuelita.” We used to go over to her house on Wednesday mornings and share “welita wednesday” with her.  i would take her breakfast or breads or menudo and we’d sit and talk about her novelas, life, or… we’d just take naps. in fact, this little post has inspired me to pick up that up again and start visiting her again every week. sweet little lady.

Here’s to women. And the things that make us love them. The things that inspire us. And the things that awake something of our own.

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April. 10. 2014 - 9:56 am

marla - Awww. Gramma love is the best kind of love!
Keep these posts coming!