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Woman Crush Wednesday

I’m totally going to get sappy here. My gramma is, hands down, my Woman Crush Wednesday. She began an “adult life” at the age of 13 when she began to raise her nephew. She was married at 17, she had 12 kids, helped raise two of her grandchildren (myself and another cousin) and currently boasts a family of almost 100 people!a few years ago, i was fortunate enough to take her to Mexico City. It was such an honor to see my grandmother’s face light up as we walked through the streets of her country, visit churches, and embrace the culture there. she beamed and had an endless energy that seemingly came out of nowhere. This trip will be one of the major highlights of my life.

She is the kind of woman I want to be. The woman who forgives much. Prays often. Loves big. And knows that this life (no matter how hard or trying it is) is not her forever home. She laughs beautifully. She jokes. She still has some spunk.

Even until now, I call her Welita – which is short for “Abuelita.” We used to go over to her house on Wednesday mornings and share “welita wednesday” with her.  i would take her breakfast or breads or menudo and we’d sit and talk about her novelas, life, or… we’d just take naps. in fact, this little post has inspired me to pick up that up again and start visiting her again every week. sweet little lady.

Here’s to women. And the things that make us love them. The things that inspire us. And the things that awake something of our own.

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April. 10. 2014 - 9:56 am

marla - Awww. Gramma love is the best kind of love!
Keep these posts coming!

Transformation Tuesday

I CANNOT believe I’m about to share this with you. Don’t skip past what I have to say here. It’s clearly important and sets the … you’re not reading.

There you have it people. Here’s me at 2 and 12years old. No! This isn’t an April Fool’s … that’s totally me. My ability to sustain ZERO sense of style through this lifetime is astonishing.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

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Man Crush Monday | social media attempt

Listen… I’m digging my nails into the last of my “cool days”

A few weeks ago, I was trying to read a recipe and found myself struggling a la my mom-style. Someone quick! Hand me my bifocals! My quiche is burning!

Seriously. So… in a last ditch effort to portray myself as cool, I’m gonna participate in that whole “meme” thing on social media… only I can’t figure out how to work the facebooks… so I’ll just put it on my blog

Let’s start with Man Crush Monday. Totally this guy right here:

Noooo. that’s not Abraham Lincoln. That’s Henry David Thoreau – also the first person who inspired me to think. To expand. And to differentiate myself from the crowd. He is always the answer to the question “If you could meet anyone dead or alive… “ and now.. he’s my man crush Monday.

Henry David Thoreau wrote one of my favorite pieces, “Walden.”  It was one of the books I clutched tightly when I was an English Major and when I went through my “freshman psych” phase in college. Thoreau was the man. The 1800s man. He isolated himself to this small pond and lived for two years on practically… dollars. Took things back to simple times.

For whatever reason, that inspired me as a teenager and in my early twenties. In studying him (and others who shared his views on transcentalism), I learned much about myself.

So there you have it. My man crush Monday. Although, I feel like this didn’t do much in the way of making me sound any more hip. But at least you now know that I was a super nerd in high school and college… and that this radical man inspired me to really delve into my own existence.

Who’s your man crush monday?!

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Kayla | class of 2014

it probably won’t make sense to anyone else when i say that … there’s a part of me that wanted to keep these photos to myself. just a small part of me that wanted to keep our time together sacred and our little secret.
then there’s the part of me that was afraid to share these photos because… well… even though kayla is undoubtedly beautiful… there’s something about her that is just intangible and cannot be captured. these photos will hardly do her justice. they are merely one dimensional and cannot deliver her laughter, her happiness, or the innocent playfulness that pours out of her while she’s trying to maintain a pose.

but because she’s graduating. and because she’s beautiful. and because this session and weekend get away was a celebration of who she is and who she is becoming… i present you with some of my favorite images from our weekend of photography.

my goodness. you are perfect.Kayla was most recently on stage as Gabriella Montez, of High School Musical, so we thought it was necessary to incorporate a little Gabriella into our session.this is normally where i talk about how much fun it was to drive through the mountains, stand in freezing cold water, laugh nonstop, and share the afternoon together. but kayla… this is where i say “thank you for being you. and for being my friend. and for being so good to my little boy. and in general… thank you for being such an outstanding and unparalleled young woman. you are what every mom hopes her daughter will be like. you are talented and smart and funny and humble. i cannot describe you adequately – even if i spent my whole life trying. you are so much more than what we see now, and i cannot wait to hear your stories of college and life that awaits. i will be so so soooo sad to not hear your sweet voice. and laughter. and see your smile so frequently. i am SO glad to have met you, witnessed this part of your life, and feel so honored to have you stand before me – challenging my vision and approach. you, my dear… enrich so many people around you. i … i just feel so lucky.i will forever cherish the last few years of knowing you. and i will cling dearly to these memories of your senior photo session. thank you thank you THANK YOU for infusing your life and love into everyone that comes into contact with you.”

be infinitely blessed

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Five Generations

my beautiful friend Amanda came into town for a visit with her brand new baby girl, Amelia. She called me to tell me this little girl had an amazing group of grandparents and great grandparents and wanted to photograph all five generations. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate such a beautiful family and such a lucky little girl.

And then…. we photographed her dad’s side of the family with equally amazing generations of family!thank you so much for asking me to do this. it was such an honor to photograph this wonderful legacy of family! and amelia is just the cutest thing EVER!

be infinitely blessed

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April. 3. 2014 - 10:46 am

Barbara Goodgion - You did a great job, can’t wait it see more!

April. 3. 2014 - 2:53 pm

Linda Thompson - Great job, Criselda! We are so blessed! And I believe that you have captured the love we all share for this amazingly beautiful baby and her mommy.

May. 4. 2014 - 4:06 pm

Linda Thompson - You’ve done a great job! Can’t wait to see all of the photos. Any idea of when they might be ready?