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Les Miserables | Amarillo Little Theatre

Amarillo Little Theatre proves time and time again that community theatre can produce amazing shows with amazing talent. I have been enjoying productions from ALT since 2005 and … after every show, i walk out thinking “that’s the best show i’ve seen ALT do” and… well…

i’m saying it again.

and it’s not just me!

Les Miserables is getting rave reviews from the media and patrons! The cast is preparing for its third and final weekend of completely sold out performances. And it’s no mistake as to why. The cast boasts a great cast and an ensemble who sound so magnificent that it makes one week in the knees!

I am SO proud to call this theatre my second home and to be able to sit in the audience and watch this story unfold and be relived in such a way that you are transported to those very moments yourself and you feel as though you’re living those same emotions.


Chuck Alexander is Jean Val Jean and literally brings me to tears… heavy, stinging, burning tears every time he sings a note. period. Chuck, i have never been more enamored by you than i am when i watch this show!

Jeni Roller brings life to Fantine and pulls at your heartstrings as mom. as a woman. as someone who is lost and in need of redemption. but that’s just Jeni. She’s brilliant in any role she’s given.

Brandon Nase … who plays Javert, is mesmerizing. His voice is spot on and he emotes so much passion in his character. I’m speechless.

and then there’s a charming comic relief with Thenardier’s – played by Don Shipman and Kayla Fuller

Little Cosette has alternating actresses from our Academy: Cameron Shafer

and Gabi Rollerthe ensemble is phenomenal in Master of the House and was most likely my favorite moment of the show.Gavroche is this spitfire little boy that makes you instantly fall in love with him. Ethan Worsham is a delight to watch on stage. He is also one of our Academy students and has a talent much bigger than his little body. If this performance is any indication of what lies ahead of him….Brett Spalding and Rebecca Smithee as Marius and Eponine

Brett Spalding with Annika Johansson as Cosette

Sam J. Smeaton plays Enjolras

and literally makes me want to join the fight. Brilliant!

Rebecca Smithee … i have no words. Your Eponine leaves me wordless. and i can only muster up enough strength to cry.Brett… i don’t know how many times i can openly and unabashedly praise you and your talent without becoming a nuisance. But i’m going to keep doing it until i’m borderline ridiculous. The amount of talent you possess leaves me beside myself. We need to see more of you at ALT.Annika… guh. can you do no wrong? Really. you are just a joy to watch on stage.

Cast. Crew. Volunteers… you… amaze me.

enjoy your slideshow!

be infinitely blessed

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January. 11. 2014 - 6:40 pm

brayden - hey im brayden also starring in Stuart Little are the pictures on the website and you are a very good photographer!

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