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Tori | Portraits

it’s photos like these that make me want a do-over for my teen years!  in fact… i’d settle for having even one ounce of Tori’s beauty right now! She is a sweetheart with a heart of gold and a cute little laugh that makes you want to squeeze her!

this young lady… i just… can’t possibly take a photo of her that would encompass how beautiful she truly is on the inside and out.are you kidding me?!?!  how is this even fair, tori?

it’s a small known fact that i treat all my clients to a small session of acting lessons. scared. mad. flirty. surprised.facebook ducklips.

cause i’m nice like that.

tori. sheesh. if having to take photos of you everyday meant that i would be able to spend time with your sweet personality and completely loveable self… i would sign up in an instant. i cannot begin to tell you how much fun i had on your session. or how i’m looking forward to seeing what this next chapter in your life holds in store for you! you shine from the inside out, my dear. may you always be who you were on this day. a sweet, energetic, confident, and beautiful young woman.

be infinitely blessed

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