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David and Lauren | Amarillo Engagement Photographer

Lauren was only tagging along for the ride – visiting friends of friends of friends … when David walked in.

“oh! he’s good looking!”

and then… they discovered that their parallel universe would soon intersect.

David and Lauren and i made our way to Lake Tanglewood for their engagement session. It was a lovely afternoon spent under the trees, the summer wind, and lastly – relaxing on the boat with a nice glass of wine. i LOVE that their engagement session was it’s own little celebration of the many wonderful and sweet moments that are in store for them!

really lauren? could you be anymore stunning?david and lauren…. you truly captivate me! i love the way you joke. play. laugh. and embrace each other! i had such a wonderful afternoon. thank you for making my job less “work” and more “play” and for giving me the honor to be a witness to the beginning of something beautiful! i am forever indebted to your love story!

and a special thanks to Kevin & Eliza for being so generous with their home, boat, pool, and time!

be infinitely blessed

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June. 1. 2012 - 9:56 pm

amanda - smack, she’s pretty! when I pass on, am I allowed to come back reincarnated that cute? fabulous photos as always Chriselda!

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