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Madison | Class of 2012

the first time i saw Madison, she was on stage for “Schoolhouse Rock” at ALT.

and … i mean… c’mon… your eyes just naturally gravitate to Madison. with or without your consent. she is just stunning.

and i said to myself, “self! you MUST photograph her someday!” and this is one of those moments where patience pays off. it was worth the 3 years of waiting.madison…. if i could stop gushing and squealing long enough about you… i could tell you how amazingly talented i think you are and how eager i am to see what awaits you! aside from your undoubtedly beautiful appearance… you are perhaps one of the sweetest people i have had the pleasure of photographing and knowing. i am so happy that i was able to get to know you this spring during Children of Eden. but the biggest compliment i can give you is that your wonderful personality, spirit, and heart are greater than the enormous talent you possess. thank you! for being so enthusiastic. willing. versatile. and trusting of me! you are such a joy to work with! and if i didn’t already love you when you waved that baby doll at me… i officially HEART you now!

be blessed

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May. 4. 2012 - 1:55 pm

Julie - Oh I just love these. So beautiful!

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