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the arrival of Hallie Paige | Amarillo Birth Photography

morning routines were per the norm

get dressed. brush our teeth. get almost-big-sister brooklyn to school

and then…

let’s add another miracle to our family!!!

Chance and Lauren are dear friends of mine that have opened their lives and families to me. When i was first told that Lauren was having another baby, i was excited to be able to be just as involved with this baby as i was with Brookie. But this time… this time i knew i would move mountains to be there when the baby arrived.

because lauren knew the specifics of the birth, she was able to conduct her morning as usual. and i love that brooklyn was such an excited little BIG sister!

once brooklyn had said goodbye and gone off… we made our way to the hospital for lauren’s delivery

after a couple of hours brooklyn joined us again and waited for her little sister, Hallie Paige, to arrive


Chance, Lauren, and Brookie… thank you.

enjoy your slideshow

be blessed

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February. 29. 2012 - 11:33 pm

Amanda - These are so sweet! If I could, I would have babies just for you to photograph them! ;) hehe

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