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Expecting Baby Aniston | bellies

my  friends Ryan and Kelly are expecting their first baby in a few weeks… yes… you’re going to scroll back up to this sentence when you see how teeny she is.

a few weeks!!!!

kelly is a beautiful, gorgeous and glamourous mommy-to-be and asked me to photograph her. i was completely honored that she said “I truly couldn’t imagine ANYONE else that I would feel comfortable with or even WANT to take my pictures! ” it made me tear up and think all sorts of sweet and mushy thoughts about our friendship and the amount of trust she gave me!

then she shows up. all skinny. and glamourous. and cellulite-free. and all i could do was… hate her and tell  her frequently that she was “gross!”

true story. just look at her.

all joking aside… ryan and kelly are so excited to be welcoming their baby girl, Anniston, to their family soon!

mDKellykelly – thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone to capture the true beauty of this time in your life.  i hope that you look back on these photos years from now and see how much you glow and radiate. i am so so sooooo thankful to call you a friend. but twice as appreciative that you included me in these moments of your emerging family! you are stunning. and breathtaking. i have every confidence that the ease you have in maternity will carry through to motherhood. you were chosen by God to be the mother to this precious little girl! i couldn’t be more excited or happy for you!



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January. 16. 2012 - 4:07 pm

candace drees - I am so proud to call this major hottie my sister!!! I am so absolutely proud AND disgusted at the same time because I sure as heck didn’t look that good in my maternity pictures!! But am very proud to take “some sort of credit “day for these amazingly BEAUTIMOUS photos by at least knowing introduced such beautiful friends to eachother!! Lol!! ;D no but really, I want some sort of credit I mean look at them!!! The combination of such a beautiful woman and the absolutely MOST amazingly talented photographer I have ever known, how could these photos not come out absolutely PERF!!!.. Oh and Ryan, you don’t look so shabby your self brother! You def won that argument when you fought with me about Kelly being yours one day!! Im glad you did cause your beautiful together and are going to have such a beautiful baby cousin for P to have little tea parties with!!! Can’t wait!! Love y’all so much!! GREAT JOB as always Chriselda, love you too!!!

January. 16. 2012 - 4:13 pm

Kelly Hicks-Drees - Oh my goodness, Chriselda! I am SO honored to have had you take these pictures to celebrate and document this exciting time in our lives! Thank YOU for making it fun yet warm and special for Ryan and I. Even though I did step out of my “comfort zone” a little for some of the pictures…if it weren’t for YOU and your ability to make me feel comfortable…there’s no way I could have done it! So THANK YOU again my dear friend! You will always have a special place in my heart! :-) XOXO!!!

January. 16. 2012 - 8:21 pm

Amanda - Um, . . . I’m jealous. She’s skinnier than me and I am definitely not pregnant. Gag. I love these. So fab. As always!

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