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Portable North Pole

empty threats that Santa  won’t come if your child doesn’t:

sit still in church. clean their room. clean their belly buttons. be nice to their sister. or smile for the pictures

****can now be filled****

you can thank me later!

Portable North Pole

Where Santa Himself delivers a personalized message to your child … mhm.

there’s an app too!

you can watch the Video i had made for my kiddo, Laken

PNPHappy Bribery!


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December. 4. 2011 - 6:02 pm

amanda - Haha! Too cute! Thanks for sharing

December. 6. 2011 - 4:21 pm

Farrar - This is so cool! I’m so excited about it!

December. 8. 2011 - 4:02 pm

Tina R. - OMG! How ADORABLE—I was excited,too, just waiting with anticipation to see if little ‘ol Laken was gonna be on the “naughty or nice” list–too cute!

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