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being a part of a community that comes together in a collective effort to support charities and organizations like the Children’s Miracle Network makes me incredibly proud!

When joining CMN earlier this year, i knew that the Tri to Make a Difference Triathlon would be such a blessing to our community!

This is their sixth year hosting the event!

This year, we raised $55,000 and had 150 participants!

i can only expect tremendous growth for this triathlon in the coming years!

TTMAD11002TTMAD11000 as the anniversary of 9/11 waited just around the corner, it was easy to feel the sense of patriotism to our country and community from the athletes!

TTMAD11001TTMAD11003first up… a chilly swimTTMAD11004TTMAD11005and then biking on a hill that few live to talk about… eek!

TTMAD11006TTMAD11007the homeowners of Lake Tanglewood graciously open up their neighborhood to host the event and do so much in the way of supporting and encouraging the athletes.

TTMAD11008TTMAD11011TTMAD11009TTMAD11010TTMAD11012afterward… we were all treated to lunch and entertainment courtesy of AJ Swope!

TTMAD11013TTMAD11014TTMAD11015you know… we’re only humans. we are only flesh. but… amazing things can truly happen if you simply Tri to Make a Difference!

TTMAD11016i am forever blessed by the opportunity to document and witness the unity in this world! to all of you who participated, sponsored, volunteered, cheered, and made this event possible…. knowing that we have together raised funds to boost our local chapter of CMN, is a huge accomplishment and should make each and every one of you proud – no matter how big or small your role was in making this all happen!

To see the rest of the photos from the event CLICK HERE

be blessed. be blessed


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September. 23. 2011 - 9:50 pm

Ashley - Such a great job! Loved ALL of the photos. Well done, sweet lady.

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