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when you meet two people for the first time and ask them to show you how much they love each other… it can sometimes place an enormous amount of pressure on them to “perform” (so-to-speak). Aaaaaaand Most men would rather sit through a ballet than have their pictures taken. So sometimes it takes a bit for me to “see it”

however…. Matthew and Bobbi … they laughed and smiled and teased each other – as if i wasn’t there. Occasionally, i think they’d remember that i was there and they’d bring me back into the little world of how they met and Bobbi would giggle over the details that create the dynamics of their relationship.

What’s most evident is the way they trust each other. It isn’t something that can be coached. Or taught. it just happens. and that… that is when i’m reminded of why i love my job so much.eCBobbi2

Matthew and Bobbi – i am So glad to be given the opportunity to work with the two of you and be able to witness the things that make you a great couple. I am so excited to see what is in store for your family! thank you again and again for being so warm and inviting and for giving me the insight into your relationship!


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September. 8. 2011 - 11:06 pm

amanda - The bottom right one is soooooo beautiful! I love love it!

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