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Justin & Mikah | Married

what a heavenly day!

as i drove to Justin and Mikah’s ceremony site, i found signs along the way – ensuring that the seemingly solitary path to their home was, in fact, the direction in which i needed to be headed

love is patient.

love is kind

i smiled – knowing that for as long as i’ve known them, i’ve also known that the truly encase an unfaltering and effortless love. one that doesn’t require much thought. or energy. but one that just naturally radiates from them and toward each other. and that despite the rough road, or any trial or scare, that they would somehow always be able to found their counterpoint and find the right direction.

we all gathered under a cloudy sky and watched Mikah and Tinsley float down the aisle toward the man that awaited them – to promise care. and nurture. and support.

bWilde000bWilde001bWilde002bWilde003bWilde004bWilde005bWilde006Mikah came across a toad….

bWilde007there’s always a moment during the wedding day when my bride really understands the day… for Mikah, her moment occurred while she was walking down the aisle and looked at her mother!

bWilde008bWilde009bWilde010this is one of my favorite moments during a ceremony ever!!! look closely at the uninvited guest:

bWilde011Justin also provided Tinsley with her own symbol of his promise

bWilde012bWilde013bWilde014bWilde015bWilde016bWilde017bWilde018bWilde019Justin and Mikah (and little Tinsley too!) i am beyond humbled to be a witness to the true union and family that became one on your wedding day! everything was so lovely and magical and just what it should’ve been! and i cannot say thank you enough for allowing me to participate!

enjoy your slideshow!

Bridal Gown:Erin of Bridal Bliss Designs

Makeup: MAC Cosmetics

Floral: Parie Designs

Cake: Canyon Cake Company

Ceremony Music: Josh Paulson

be blessed!


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October. 1. 2011 - 9:32 pm

Abby - Beautiful photos and slideshow Chriselda! Thank you for capturing the loverly moments (uninvited guest, and all!). xoxo

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