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early on in my life, the importance of “giving” was instilled in me.

it has always been something that has resided at the forefront of my mind.


everyone should give. i cannot say it enough times. there are just SO many ways for us to give to others.

and it doesn’t have to be money. it can be your time. your volunteerism. your blood.

every small piece of you that is given, helps someone else TENFOLD!!!

get involved in non-profit organizations. go read to the kids at the hospital. run a 5K and and have people sponsor you!

it takes little more than your desire. and your willingness to help others


My little brother, Connor, was diagnosed last year with a rare cancer. and since then, he has been undergoing treatment at a fast and steady pace.

I have watched this young man handle this situation with a grace and composure that both inspires me and leaves me in awe.

While undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Connor found a way to volunteer at Camp Alphie to help and motivate other children who were/are diagnosed with cancer

He refused to let cancer consume him, and still made his way out to the soccer field to cheer on his team.

When he was three years old, he started playing soccer, and grew up with a soccer ball at his feet.

After his diagnosis, he was unable to play soccer. You can imagine that after 15 years of playing a sport you love, you are devastated when you aren’t physically able to anymore.

connor has ALWAYS wanted to be a professional soccer player.

and he has always dreamed of going to the World Cup


The local Make-a-Wish organization learned of Connor’s case and interviewed him last year.

This year, the Make a Wish National Chapter combined their efforts and made my little brother’s dream come to life!!!!

He is currently in South Africa for the FIFA 2010 World Cup!

As we speak, my parents and brother are in South Africa, on a trip of a lifetime!

They will be attending two World Cup Matches: England vs. Algeria and Portugal vs. North Korea!!!!

You can read more about his Wish Here:  Amarillo Globe News


Make-A-Wish hosted a nice cookout for our family and friends to attend and send Connor off on his way to his wish!  A lot of our family and friends came out to show their support in the walk-a-thon that morning and the soccer games that afternoon.

MAWConnor008 copyMAWConnor055 copyConnor and my parents with one of his doctorsMAWConnor012 copyand then, a really nice man volunteered his time and limo services to my family to pick them up from their house to take them to the airport for their flight to Africa! all out of the kindness of his heart.

MAWConnor1i cannot adequately thank everyone that was involved and played a part in making my brother’s wish come true. everyone that provided a silver lining to the cloud. everyone that assisted and organized this very special moment in connor’s life.

thank you thank you thank you for sharing your heart with those in need. for helping people everywhere. for acknowledging a need, but more importantly for allowing your giving spirits to surface and motivate you to get involved in any way you can: big or small.

i am so thankful for the people in my brother’s life. for those of you who brought movies to him while he was in the hospital during a chemo round. for the nurses who personally and emotionally invested in him. for our friends who unceasingly made him a priority in your life. who came to the hospital to visit. chat. and laugh. for those of you who provided normalcy to our family. for those of you who spent countless hours in prayer. and shared his story with your friends around the world who joined you in praying for a recovery.

i’m thankful and appreciative for EVERY.SINGLE.SOUL that has come into my brother’s life. for the countless ways you have given him life. thank you for everything you do.

and for every single volunteer who plays a part in helping any organization, i applaud you and commend you for your good nature. your desire to help. your passion to give.

for those of you that raise funds for research and combine your love of running. for those of you who visit the blood centers and donate your time and blood. for those of you who help at the hospitals. for those of you who contribute to the Ronald McDonald House, Women’s Shelter, United Way, Bethesda Outreach Center. for those of you who give of your selves selflessly. to help someone else……

an endless amount of thanks and appreciation are directed to you!


and to my sweet friend Julie, one of my high school seniors from last year:

thank you SO much for helping in this event! i absolutely love your heart. and smile. and laugh. you will never fully understand the worth of your involvement!

MAWConnor067 copythank you.

a million times, thank you!

Chriselda Photography

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June. 20. 2010 - 1:18 pm

Raegan Ritchey - How awesome is that?! Thank you for sharing that great news about your brother. I remember you telling us about him around Britni’s breakfast table the day of her wedding and I am so happy that he gets to experience such an unforgettable opportunity. He has touched more lives than he knows… even ones down in San Angelo, Texas! Hope you, your little brother, and the rest of your family keep having an awesome summer!

June. 20. 2010 - 4:04 pm

amanda - that is the coolest thing in the world! and such a gorgeous family!!

June. 20. 2010 - 5:10 pm

Robynn Winegeart - WOW, that is SOOO amazing!!!! Your brother is such an inspiration. All I can say is wow and I am so happy your brother got his wish!!!

June. 20. 2010 - 7:00 pm

Kelly Norman - Chriselda, you’ve only met me a few times…once at Maci’s wedding as my girls were the flower girls and then you photographed our family in the field last Christmas…so I don’t really expect you to remember me. But I was fortunate to meet your brother last summer when I was volunteering at Camp Alphie. He was so great with all the campers. I didn’t know his story at the time but made the connection later when I read your blog. It warms my heart to hear he is in South Africa for such an amazing trip. I love reading how much you love him, and it is obvious how proud you are. I will certainly keep him and your family in my prayers.

June. 20. 2010 - 8:58 pm

Niki - What an inspiration. It makes me happy your brother gets to experience a dream of his and I hope he has blast and enjoys every minute of it!!

June. 21. 2010 - 9:20 am

Shanna - Oh Chriselda! This is simply amazing- I love what Make a Wish does for kids and your brother must’ve been super special to get his dream! Stay strong, keep your faith and hold your heads up high.

June. 21. 2010 - 8:52 pm

Sarah - That is soooo amazing! What an awesome surprise!! Its wonderful that even through his struggles he helps those who are going through the same ordeal and in turn he got his dream! I hope he loves every bit of it!

June. 22. 2010 - 9:58 am

Rosa Miramontes - OMG how wonderful is that!! Im so so happy that your brother is doing good, I bet he was ecstatic to go on his trip. I really wish Conner and Victor could meet each other. Vic is one of the biggest soccer fans I know and they would sit for countless hours talking about the sport. I will keep you and your lovely family in my prayers, I hope that your little brother continues to do well. Cant wait to meet you Chriselda!!

June. 22. 2010 - 2:02 pm

emma - That is so amazing. I got chills reading your post!! I bet your brother is having the time of his life! And you have the most beautiful family!!!

June. 22. 2010 - 2:06 pm

danielle - i am so very excited for your brother!! a well-deserved trip for an amazingly strong and courageous young man. and i’m sending lotes of love your way hon – we love you! landon & danielle

June. 27. 2010 - 1:35 am

Libby - how awesome is that?! I bet your brother is having the time of his life. wow. And I LOVE that family picture of you guys. YOu should definitely use it for a Christmas card.

June. 29. 2010 - 9:15 am

islandjen - omg…tears, tears, tears… xoxo

July. 8. 2010 - 2:03 pm

Dena Nolan - I am so happy to see that your brother is doing well and received the wish of a life time. Have a friend in our town 16 year old young man that found out about 2 months ago that he had brain cancer. It is very tramatic for everyone. He is receiving Chemo now and will receive radiation later. He was the catcher for the High School. The young man here reminded me so much of your brother and his treatments. I am glad to here he is doing so well. Hopefully we will have the same outcome.

I have followed your photography for a long time. You are a very talented person. I am passing your name to a very good friend who is to get married next year in San Antonio.
Hopefully one day we can meet in person!

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