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the Cejas | family

allow me to serenade you:

amarillo by mornin’ … up from San Antone… awww. The Ceja family came up from San Antonio to visit family and friends and asked me to update their family photos! Who am i to say “no” ?

They are a completely STUNNING little family.ceja056-copyceja003-copyi ::HEART:: this!!! eeeeew!!!!ceja040-copyceja061-copyceja049-copywhat did i tell you?!ceja068-copy

Ceja065 copyor… what did *i* tell *you*, daddy??!?!?!ceja075-copyheart. all warm inside.ceja078-copyceja100-copyceja102-copydon’t let that fool you. they really are sweet to each other!ceja093-copyback to the ‘tude! haha!ceja018-copy1i’m THREEEEE!ceja036-copy1ceja105-copyi’nt he cute?! that’s right, i said “i’nt!” he reminds me of my own offspring. i could steal him… and totally get away with it!ceja109-copyMelissa, thanks for asking me to do this for you! you are all soooo frickin’ adorable. have extra fun for me in my home away from home!siggy-copy

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February. 28. 2009 - 8:27 pm

Kristi - What a gorgeous family! You take the most amazing photos, I am in love with your work. I am always looking, just don’t always comment :)

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