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Mario & Blythe

Mario and Blythe are dear friends of mine. I have known blythe for quite some time, and it makes me so happy to see their roads meet and that their story begins in just a few short weeks when they vow before friends and family to always push this love of their to the fullest

eBBlythe001eBBlythe002eBBlythe003eBBlythe004eBBlythe000eBBlythe005eBBlythe006blythe is one of the most beautiful women i know.eBBlythe007eBBlythe008eBBlythe009mario and blythe – i am so so sooo honored to be a part of your milestones and have so much faith in what you share and are. thank you so much for allowing me to continue on this journey with you all.

be infinitely blessedsiggy


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Bowen | Newborn

a couple of weeks ago, i met the most precious little boy.

our little time together was so heartwarming and real. and as danielle laughed about the joys of having three children, we all shared in their happiness as they welcomed and met their new little guy!nbNBowen000nbNBowen001nbNBowen002i mean.nbNBowen003i love this. she was a bit hesitant about her baby brother. but when she warmed up to him… it was THE sweetest thing ever.nbNBowen004nbNBowen005nbNBowen006nbNBowen007nbNBowen008nbNBowen009oh. this. somehow this just says so much about their future friendship and love for each other.nbNBowen010nbNBowen011nbNBowen012Danielle… seriously… watching your family was one of the most treasured sessions i have had. you are all so perfectly brought together and i am so excited to see more of you all in the future. this precious little boy is so lucky to have such an amazing family to be a part of! Thank you for sharing your memories with me!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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the Zubia family

this family right here? i first met them all when Cruz and Abbey were married a few years ago. and you all know there is nothing i enjoy more than meeting up with clients again as their family grows.


bZAbbey010bZAbbey009bZAbbey008bZAbbey007bZAbbey006loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovebZAbbey005bZAbbey004bZAbbey003bZAbbey002bZAbbey001Cruz and Abbey – thank you tons and tons for sharing your family and your laughter with me again! it was such a treat to see you all again and to meet the handsome little man! i look forward to many more sessions in the future.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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25K Trail Running

Remember how i told you i was training for a 25K trail run? well… it’s the monday morning after said run.

A few fun morsels about my experience  in my first (and last) 25K trail run: The Tatur’s Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd

1) this trail run was the most difficult and painful thing I have EVER done. And I’ve given birth….. After TWELVE HOURS OF LABOR.

2) yo-yo ma music was surprisingly more motivating than J.Timberlake.

3) there are no clouds in Oklahoma. Only sun. And more sun.

4) there was no cell phone service the entire trail. Therefore, I couldn’t call anyone and quit and ask for a pickup.

5) after running up the steepest.hill.ever … I was rewarded with bacon and waffles.

6) i’m really glad i didn’t see any snakes. because it was physically impossible to run any faster.

7) Running long distances really moves your bowels. You shouldn’t underestimate the explosive dangers of passing gas. (Not speaking from personal experience)

8) if I never wear shoes again… That’s perfectly ok with me.

9) running DOWN steep hills is just as challenging (if not more) than running up one.

10) I was NOT smelling my personal best.

11) I may have been slow… But I wasn’t last

12) in May 2012, I crossed the finish line of my third half marathon. I swore I would never run again. And here I was… 7 hours away from home and having completed a huge (to me) race. Now… I plan to truly NEVER RUN AGAIN. I will type it up. Print it out. And get it notarized. That was as hard as I thought it would be. Yes I’m proud I finished. Thankful that God gave me strength to do it. And the view was gorgeous. Great experience. But seriously…. Never again.

i was runnnnang!

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October. 21. 2014 - 9:33 am

islandjen - I’m so proud of you..I feel like a rockstar when I run 3 miles…so you’re like a rock idol!! love you!

October. 21. 2014 - 9:47 am

Blythe - SO proud of you! I could never do that. I say never but I would never WANT to do that. Good job girl! You’re stronger than you think!!

the Bergeskis | Amarillo Family Photographer

nothing makes my job more enjoyable than a family like this one.  Steve and Angelica… and Connor… they are long time friends of mine who have shared their journey and memories with me.  A few weeks ago, we got together for an afternoon well spent with photos.

seriously. this makes my heart get all gooeythis sweet precious little boy is named after my brother, Connor.  He is the kind of kid that makes me happy instantly. he warms my heart and makes me feel like a little piece of my brother will always remain a part of this world.  and now that i’m crying….steve, angelica, and conman…. you are a light in my sometimes cloudy sky. you are a breath of fresh air. and i am so thankful that our winding, bumpy, detouring, and memory-filled paths have crossed and now run alongside each other. you bring so much to my family. thank you for sharing yours with me!

be infinitely blessed

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October. 16. 2014 - 10:34 pm

Joan C Dunn - What wonderful pictures! What a great photographer! I am a fan of now defunct Arkansas arena football. Met Steve as a fan when he played football here, and then became friends with his mother, Marianne, on Facebook. Marianne, I know you are proud of your son and his family and that Connor is a cutie!