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the day that true love died

when blood and water hit the ground, walls we couldn’t move came crashing down

we were free and made alive…

the day that true love died


forgive me for lacking eloquence here. i have never really been able to wrap my head around my own faith. and the things i believe about my Father. It’s a life in progress and i have to talk to myself about this every day.  I up this morning and heard Joel Osteen on the television talking about Jesus.  He said this “Jesus didn’t come to this world to start a religion… He came to this world to have a relationship with you”

i post this song every year on Easter because it is so powerful. there are times when i feel unworthy. unloved. and then i remember God’s love. it is so faithful and true to us. can you imagine? giving your only child up… to redeem the world? ah. i can’t even…

sometimes, i get down on myself and look back at my past. and my failures. and shortcomings. and i want to hide my head in shame. and i cry because i feel so awful to stand there with my sins before my faith. and then one day… someone told me “if it were just you… just you here on this earth… God would STILL have sent his son to die for you. this is a very personal and intimate event.”

to say that you aren’t worthy of forgiveness. worthy of His love… worthy of his mercy and grace and forgiveness…

is to say that what He did for you on the Cross was NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

“we were FREE and made ALIVE the day that true love died”

be sweetly and infinitely and FREELY  blessed


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Elise | class of 2014

this… this collection of photos makes me SO proud. i am very excited to share Elise with all of you. she’s beautiful. and funny. and smart. and she’s on her way into the world.

she has big things in store, this girl.

when she put this dress on… my ability to function as a photographer stopped. i just stood back and … well…Elise most recently graced ALT stages as “Sharpay” in High School Musical. So she incorporated a little bit of the sass and edge of her character into this shoot.but this right here… this is elise. beautiful beautiful elise.elise – my regret in life… (and i have very few) is not getting to know you better as elise (not sharpay). i sit here with tears in my eyes. you are such an outstanding young lady with so much life in you and of you. i am sad that i only witnessed it for this brief period of time before you head off to college and out of state. i remember in magic circle hearing you say you would probably never be able to share a room with the same group of people again… and it took my breath away. i thought, “wait, what?!” For that… i apologize. i took for granted the little time i had with you … never thinking that you’d one day grow up and walk out and away. i feel so cheated. so this clearly means that you will have to stay in touch with me. and often. and keep me updated on you. and your beauty. and your becomings. because i am so so sooooo proud of you. and in awe of you. i am honored to have spent the evening getting to know you better and have such big prayers for you!

you my dear ARE infinitely blessed

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Kleman Family

this adorable family. and precious little one year old. i am always so happy to update family portraits.

thank you SO much for meeting me for your family portraits! it is such an honor to photograph your milestones. and this precious little girl….? omigoodness.  i had a wonderful time getting to know you all!

be infinitely blessed

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Kory | class of 2014

the second i saw her, i blurted out, “my goodness you are beautiful” – no thought. no control. just boom! “you’re gorgeous!” Kory is graduating from high school this year and came to me for senior photos. we had such a good time despite the wind and the crazy cold.

::love this::

kory – thank you for keeping me in mind for these photos! i am so impressed by your ability to make it look nice and warm. you are an incredible young lady with a bright future within her reach! i am excited to see what college life holds for you!

be infnitely blessed

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