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Mario and Blythe | Wedding Day

Mario and Blythe. There’s no way around it.  It has always been “mario and blythe” … over the years, these two have grown and strengthened as individuals, parents, a couple and now… a family.  Their comittment to each other and their precious son is something to aspire to. their wedding day was just what it […]

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Brant & Brennan | Thistle Springs Ranch Wedding

Brant and Brennan, dare i say, are one of my most favorite couples to have ever worked with. There is a quiet magic between the two of them that invigorates everyone they know. When they asked me to join them in the Dallas area at the beautiful Thistle Spring Ranch, i was so excited. But… […]

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Luis and Emma | MARRIED!

Luis and Emma? they had a wedding like none other. After their quiet and intimate vows were said… the celebration began. in a BIG way! i mean… there were mariachis. and tubas. and cake fights. and concert lights. tequila shots. dessert bars. and a dance floor that would not stop. i photographed this impressive wedding […]

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Tanner & Terra | Lubbock Wedding Photographer

Tanner and Terra were married this past summer in beautiful Jamaica, and while they didn’t take me with… i wasn’t able to join them, they were kind enough to let me photograph their reception for family and friends upon their return. There reception was held at McPherson Cellars earlier this month and was the perfect […]

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Jonathan & Shann | Walnut Tree Weddings

jonathan and shann had a wedding like no other. it was crazy amounts of laughter. and joy.  i have loved this couple from the second i met them and am so thrilled to have been there when they began their lives as a family together! this is my favorite photo of Shann from this entire […]

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