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Russell and Taylor | Married

I met Taylor a few years ago when we were in the Christmas production at our church. Never would i have imagined that i would some day photograph her wedding. but what i did know was that Taylor was an exceptional woman and was so full of life and wanted everyone around her to live […]

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Josh & J’Rhea | Married

I wish everyone reading this had a firsthand idea of what it is like to know Josh and J’Rhea. Forgive me while i stammer my way through this…I have known these two for a couple of years now.  As individuals, they are loving, caring, charming and full of life. Josh is the kind of guy […]

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Ryan and Katie | Married

When Ryan and Katie asked me to photograph their wedding, i let out a HUGE sigh of relief. The moment i found out they were engaged, i started saying prayers, crossing fingers, wishing on stars… because i wanted to photograph this wedding. I knew it would be like no other and that i would come […]

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Dean and Julie | MARRIED!

everyone had walked out. and Julie took a few deep breaths. there stood my beautiful friend. I’ve photographed her before. and seen her at least a million times aside from that. and in that particular moment… she has never been more exquisite. never been more radiant. and never been more Julie. “there are times when […]

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Matt & Shea | Married

Matt and Shea have the loveliest story that has transcended time, distance, life, and everything else in between. Shea has been a sweet kindred of mine for a couple of years now – but only recently did we meet in person. It was a true honor to photograph their wedding day and to see their […]

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