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Peyton & Ashley | Weddings

I’ve never really subscribed to the idea that when two people get married, that the “two become one” i’ve said for many years, that i think it’s a simple union and coexistence an … entwining of two lives. hearts. families. as i spent time with Peyton and Ashley during their engagement, i realized that they […]

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Jacob and Tandi | Married

Jacob and Tandi were my last wedding of 2009 i can’t think of a better way to end my year, than with this couple. after seeing her engagement photos, tandi sent me an email saying “these photos made me fall in love with jacob all over again” their wedding was one of the most unique […]

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John & Mayra | married

john and mayra have been friends of mine for several years now i first met mayra while in college we were both Nannies for a family in San Antonio, TX she is really quiet and shy and i don’t think i liked her very much in fact, she was eating an apple in a rocking […]

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William and Callie | Married

“i love you….. and i love this day for you” – robin, mother of the bride i can vividly remember the day i first met callie. she was excited because i suggested we meet for cream cheese brownies. and i can only assume that everyone that meets callie remembers her just as vividly as i […]

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Jason & Abby | Married

if you don’t believe in romance if you don’t believe in passion or desire. or affection. or happiness. or true love i would tell you, to kindly meet my friends: Jason and Abby i’ve sat at this computer screen for several minutes trying to come up with a way to “summarize” their wedding day or […]

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