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Ethan and Neyda | Married

Ethan and Neyda are high school sweethearts. ┬áTheir day was filled with the most tender emotions, the sweetest celebrations and honest expressions of family support and encouragement. It was truly touching to see both of their families come together on this evening. It felt as though they had been doing it for years… and then […]

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Erasmo + Briana | Married

I met Briana many many years ago. I first noticed how strikingly beautiful she is. I only knew her through our circle of friends and never really had the courage to approach her and tell her how beautiful i thought she was. One day, out of the blue, she messaged me about wedding photography. I […]

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Devon and Jill | Married

Devon and Jill are, without doubt, the most selfless couple i have ever had the joy to work alongside. From the moment Jill and i began talking about their wedding day, she has prayed over me, asked about me, encouraged me and so much more. It was no surprise when their wedding day came that […]

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Tyler and Halzie | Wedding

Maybe the best thing about being a wedding photographer is being a part of the journey. The memories. It’s being a part of the things that happen all day leading up to vows and celebration. Tyler and Halzie had a wedding day that i have never experienced before. It was the most peaceful, Christ-centered, and […]

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Marco + Kim | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

Marco and Kim’s wedding was unique. The entire was gentle and calm. I watched them each take care of others their entire day. Kim was so attentive to her friends. Marco laughed and joked with the guys. But the truly amazing thing was that everyone there agreed that this union, this marriage, was a fulfillment […]

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