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Gunnar | Portrait

Few people can bring an instant smile to my face the way this guy does. If you’ve been around me for five minutes, you know that i think he is one of the coolest humans on the face of the earth… because i’ve probably told you… repeatedly. Gunnar is my friend. A crazy talented videographer […]

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Julia | Class of 2016

Julia jumped into my car with her duffle bag and quiet and petite little self. This is rare, because i normally just have people follow me to our locations. I felt like i shouldn’t turn up the Adele and start singing at the top of my lungs, like i normally do. I mean… considering i […]

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Blake | Class of 2016

Blake is unlike any other graduate i have ever photographed.  She showed up with the clothes on her back and one other outfit. In that instant, i knew that she was about to challenge me to focus more on her than her outfits. And let me tell you… i could photograph this girl every single […]

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