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berklee | class of 2010

every year, i develop a “girl crush” on a high school senior and this year… i’m absolutely SMITTEN by berklee she has a KILLER smile. dazzling personality. a crazy contagious laugh and is wonderful in front of my camera true to Texas Panhandle weather, if you wait around a few minutes, it’ll change we went […]

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Tandy | Class of 2010

everytime she tried to put on a serious face, Tandy would erupt in laughter. after several failed attempts at being serious, i told her to just smile. her smile is gorgeous anyhow! tandy… you (and your mom) were an incredible way to start my day! thank you so much for having me take your senior […]

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Zachary | class of 2010

zachary is graduating high school this year so of course… he and i have been obsessing about his senior portraits for EVER now. of course. i’m telling stories. but we still got together in Fort Worth, TX to photograph this very exciting time we ran around downtown, the stockyards, and the botanical gardens enjoy the […]

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Lyndsi | Class of 2010

i’m not sure if it would be creepy that i wanted to jump up and down and clap obnoxiously when Lyndsi walked in for her senior portraits. you see, she is a crazy combination of Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson. and it’s disgustingly PERFECT. and any photographers justification in being overly excited to shoot. to […]

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Brennan | Class of 2010

if i was 18… i’d want to be friends with brennan. she is sweet. funny. smart. genuine. and makes you feel really comfortable and  like her childhood friend from the moment she smiles and says hello to you heck, i even want to be friends with her now. is this allowed??? can i buy us […]

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