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Kylee | College Graduate

Kylee is graduating Nursing School this spring.  Such a shame that she doesn’t take any good photos. ((sarcasm font)) Kylee. you are beautiful in every way! we spent a considerable amount of time trying to get this “pinterest” idea to work. Which really just meant we got to laugh the entire time. There are so […]

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Kayla | White Sands National Monument

ever since visiting White Sands last summer, i have been some what obsessed with it. There’s something very majestic about it. We were at breakfast one morning. the three of us. talking about traveling and our favoritest places. I mention an upcoming trip to White Sands, and things escalated quickly. Next thing you know we […]

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Annie | Portraits

i had traveled to Abilene to see my friends in a play at ACU. This captivating young lady graces the stage. and there i sat… in awe of Annie. i mean… in a totally random and borderline creepy way. We meet afterwards. She smiles. and then that’s it. until i went back to ACU a […]

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