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Spring Sale = Community Enrichment

In lieu of my yearly spring sale, i’m going to do something different! I have the opportunity to join a team of Techo Volunteers in Nicaragua to help impoverished communities. We will be raising money to build homes for them. And you all know how much i love giving back. The cool thing about this […]

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Kaylee | portraits

We were up at 6am. Awake before even the sun was. We inhaled a lot of smoke that day. Burned our nostrils with a very sulfuric stench. Watched our friends burn their fingers. and hands. and lips…?? for the sake of lighting smoke bombs. We were chased off of a hill. You’d think it was […]

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Jillian | Portraits

we literally piled everything into the back of my car. bag of doritos included. and made our way out on the open road. we battled wind and heat and who-knows-what piercing our skin while we walked through the fields. we literally climbed the barbed wire to get these shots. but it was all worth it. […]

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Jordan | Class of 2016

Jordan is a high school graduate this may. He is also one of “my kids” and by that i mean, i have been able to witness his talents, growth, and becoming of a young man through the years. He is devoted. And talented. and kind. recently, jordan’s introspection of self surfaced to all of us. […]

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