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Terri | Portrait Session

Terri is one of the funniest people i know. I first saw her a few years ago when she brillllllliantly played the barfly, Juanita, in the ALT production of Sordid Lives. Even thinking about her performance now makes me laugh until i wheeze. She recently asked me to photograph her…  just cause. These are my […]

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Zoie | Horeshoe Bend + Great Sand Dunes

Last month we traveled to Arizona to see Horeshoe Bend. It was unreal and so so sooooo beautiful. Zoie and i had been planning this trip for a while and decided we would take photos while there. that giant dark spot?? that’s just a drop off into the Grand Canyon. No big deal. I didn’t […]

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Zoie | Lake Powell

I have known Zoie for a few years now. But it wasn’t until this spring that she and i spent any time together. Let me just tell you that this girl is an incredible human being. She is honest with herself. She is brave. And she is an overcomer. I slowly learn more and more […]

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Theresa | Headshots

Alright so. I met Theresa a couple of years ago. Briefly. But i felt like i had known her longer because… you know… social media stalking. Mild case of obsession. But that’s ok. (At least that’s what i kept telling myself).  And all the reasons i felt like i liked this girl were solidified that […]

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