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Jill | Canadian, TX Bridal Photographer

Jill. Jill. Jill. Friends, this is one of the most remarkable brides i have ever worked with. From the very beginning of our emails and messages, Jill was cheerful and personal. Every time i had the pleasure of speaking with her, she was reassuring and thoughtful. I wanted to reach through the phone and hug […]

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Halzie | Bridal

Tyler and Halzie were married last night surrounded by their sweetest family and friends. I have had the honor of being their friend and photographer while on this journey to their wedding day. Each time we meet, i learn more and more about their bond and the covenant between them. It’s a rare and beautiful […]

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Kim | Bridal Portraits

Marco and Kim were married this past weekend! I am so excited to share Kim’s bridal session last month. She is a beautiful soul and everything about her in a wedding dress just brought so much joy to our afternoon together! Kim! A million expressions of gratitude for all that you have given to me […]

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Haleigh | Bridal Session

This beautiful woman was married this weekend.  I have been dying to share these photos since we took them last month. It’s not every day someone asks me to trek down the side of a cliff to a waterfall for the sake of taking a bridal portrait. But Haleigh did. She is amazing. And i […]

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Spring Sale = Community Enrichment

In lieu of my yearly spring sale, i’m going to do something different! I have the opportunity to join a team of Techo Volunteers in Nicaragua to help impoverished communities. We will be raising money to build homes for them. And you all know how much i love giving back. The cool thing about this […]

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