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Jones Family

This entire family.

Each one of them has played a role in my life. They are the source of so much joy to the people they bless. I am so so sooo thankful to call them friends and to have the opportunity to photograph them!

are they not THE cutest?!?!?Jones and Talley families: thank you for being through my life seasons. when i needed healing. prayers over my vision. or laughter. or hugs. or a watergun. When there were teeth to be pulled. or moments when all i needed in life was to hold babies. thank you for all of it. you will never full know how much you all mean to me.

be infinitely blessed

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Erasmo + Briana | Married

I met Briana many many years ago. I first noticed how strikingly beautiful she is. I only knew her through our circle of friends and never really had the courage to approach her and tell her how beautiful i thought she was. One day, out of the blue, she messaged me about wedding photography. I promise you i screamed a little.

but the real beauty became evident when i met Erasmo and Briana to discuss their wedding day. They are a true story of a couple who has grown together and overcome obstacles on their journey… and now they emerge victorious into their marriage.

Erasmo and Briana – thank you so much for asking me to be on this journey with you. You are real. and honest. and true. I love that you go on with life as it comes and that you embrace each other as you are in this stage of life. it has also been a complete joy to see you continue to carry on your message of inner beauty to those around you. your heart for yourselves, your family, your friend and people you haven’t even met yet just blows me away and inspires me to do more myself! again, a sincere note of appreciation to all of you for inviting me to be a witness to your story.

be infinitely blessed



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Soul Sparkle | Paris

I was sitting in my car when the confetti fell in my lap. My first reaction was annoyance. CONFETTI?!?! but then… i noticed the confetti where in the shape of tiny little Eiffel Towers. How can you be upset when five thousand little Eiffel Towers fall in your lap?!

The card read “you’re invited to sparkle in Paris”

My truly ethereal friend, Hayley Hines, whom i met on my trip to Nicaragua, had invited me to join her to Paris. It was surreal and a complete dream.  I picked up the confetti, smiled, and went about my errands.  I wanted to go. My heart fluttered at the idea of it. I spoke about it. Dreamt about it. Declared it, even. But i  never really believed that i would make it there.

“It is your job to set the intention. It is the universe’s job to work out the details”

Fast forward to a couple of weeks before my trip. I’m sick. My child needed something close to $20 million in dental work. (slight exaggeration) The country is going nuts because it’s election month. I can’t figure out childcare details. I was behind on working. I hadn’t learned a lick of French. I was unprepared. I hadn’t lost that weight. I didn’t want to be photographed and not have lost that weight! I had just traveled to NYC twice. I couldn’t afford it. Someone like me would never really make it to  Paris. I had a hangnail. I hadn’t packed. or shopped. I had split ends. I mean… whatever excuse i could come up with as a reason to not go to Paris… i had it. Because the voices in my head told me that Paris was only a dream. Paris is not something a single mom gets to experience. but… then one day, i was listening to Hayley’s podcast, Soul Sparkle Radio and she was telling a story and said something that stuck with me.

“Everything always works out for me. All things in all ways.”

Fast forward to the day i am supposed to catch a flight from NYC to Paris. I’m having breakfast with a friend in Central Park at a waffle stand. And i realize, i’ve lost my debit card. My heart sinks. And there, at the front of Central Park, i’m almost in tears and my inner voice is telling me… “you made it to NYC and that’s as far as you get in the story about how you were invited to Paris.” I was heart broken. My friend (and even the waffle stand lady) is pouring out affirmations that we can retrace our steps through the Apple Store, and Tiffany’s and NYC streets and the Trump Tower (where we had briefly ducked in to warm up)… and that we would find my card. But i had my doubts. I just knew that it was a sign that i wasn’t going to get there.

But then i remembered that everything always works out for me.

And then my card was found! We went back to the waffle stand. ordered the most amazing waffles ever and then ate them on a bench while overlooking the most magical colors of Central Park. I caught my flight late that afternoon and landed in Paris.

What happened in Paris transformed me.  Hayley carefully selected women who taught master classes on learning how to unleash your dreams and passions and soul so that you can be a light in this world. so that you can sparkle. I have never ever ever had this deep of a connection with my own being. It was on the floor of our hotel room, surrounded by seven other women, that i met myself. That i had finally told my soul that i would trust her, comfort her, take care of her, and that i … i would LOVE HER.

After our masterclasses, we shopped, explored, ate; oh goodness we ate! We had champagne toasts at the top of the Eiffel Tower. We took a train to Epernay and had the most exquisite dinner ever at Moet and Chandon. We flirted with French men. We danced and sang with strangers in the street. We ate crepes and coffee and cheese and bread and more bread and more cheese. We had champagne for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We laughed. And cried. and hugged each other. We got lost in Paris. And stayed out until 5am because we just had to have the experience of a Paris nightclub. We learned that “is there an IHOP we can eat at?” does not translate well to French.

We were all so different. In different walks and stages of life. With different responsibilities. And life patterns. We were different ages. We had just met. But everyone that came into contact with us thought we had all known each other for years. Because that’s what happens when you drop your inhibitions. and your walls. and your protective boundaries.

Paris is gorgeous. It’s dreamy. And romantic. You walk the streets thinking “i’m in Paris!” And you’ll float on your cloud. But nothing… nothing can ever compare to the freedom that comes from experiencing a place like this by first giving your SOUL the freedom to full indulge in the magic that life has to offer!

Here’s how you can get in on our next trip this fall! Please ladies… come join! You will not regret that you did! Hayley makes it very easy to join and sign up. Click HERE for more details.

The morning we visited the Sacre Coeur, Natalie lead us in a truly magical experience of revisiting our childhood self and prompted us to find freedom from the limitations we put on ourselves in every aspect of life. When we arrived to the sacred spot, my roomate and new best friend, Maggie came running up to me while i was shopping for souvenirs. “I got you a ticket for the carousel!!!” She was jumping up and down.  I look over and the other women are running in excitement toward the carousel. They hop on and there we found ourselves… eight adult women who, hours earlier, had just encountered their 6 year old selves… smiling out of sheer delight and childlike joy to be on a carousel. the best part? we took those lists of limitations. and we burned them.  We were all huddled up together. It was cold outside. We tried to light our papers over and over again. And then it happened…. this beautifully symbolic moment.

We ALL had to come together and around each other’s lists. We had to light it from below. underneath. We all stood there as the flame from one woman’s list engulfed the next. a domino effect, if you will. and as our papers were consumed in flame, we let them fall to the ground. and we kept huddling around. it was quiet. and tears were flowing.  the flame from eight lists. produced a most beautiful light. and… it made us feel warm. some day i’ll tell you the story about how i went to the Louvre, bought my ticket… but then didn’t go inside. Because i had my own Paris experience in lieu of seeing the Mona Lisa. But for now… i will end with a photo of me standing in front of the Louvre. completely ecstatic, and a little bit sad that i would be leaving the next day, that i had… in fact, made it to Paris.

Hayley, JoAnna, Melissa, Natalie, Denise, Cristy, and my dearest Mags…. you are my dream come true. not Paris. not France. not a vintage bottle of champagne in a historic cave. not snowflakes falling on our faces at the top of the Eiffel.  not Chez Papa. not the sketchy massage spa. not the heavenly cheeses. or warm breads. or chocolate croissants. not the Champs-Elysse. or the famous museums. none of that will ever matter as much to me as each of you do. I am so thankful to have made connections with you. and hope that we are all reunited again under magical stars and sparkling lights and feathers. i love you dearly and carry you with me always!

be infinitely blessed


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January. 5. 2017 - 8:17 pm

Robynn Winegeart - Gah! I LOVE LOVE this post 🙂

Hannah and Hailey | class of 2017

These two beautiful girls have been gracing me with their presence for the last few years. It is allllllways a good time. They are energetic and full of fun personality. I cannot believe they are graduating.

“stand there together and act like you like each other!”Hannah and Hailey – i cannot really explain how awesome it has been to see you through the years. you have become beautiful and darling young women and i know that your futures are promising. i can only hope that i am able to be a witness to where life takes you in the years to come. thank you for always being fun. entertaining. real. open. and honest in front of my camera. you are refreshing and have contagious hearts and spirit. thank you for bring that to me!

be infinitely blessed

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January. 3. 2017 - 9:49 am

Amanda - These are beautiful! Especially loving the hair flip and all the laughs! <3

Kagen and Pressley | Los Angeles Engagement

Kagen and Pressley. The engagement stories that begin with “we were high school sweethearts” are my favorite. There is something special and unique about people who find young love.  I love that two people will embark on a journey through life … an entire life together.  I love the idea of the stories they will collect through the years.

Kagen and Pressley first came to me years ago when they were high school sweethearts. And then later, invited me to their home in California. I am so thrilled to be here to continue to capture their story, their engagement, and later this year, their wedding.

California was the perfect backdrop for these two. The sun shine, the salty air, the relaxed vibe… it went hand and hand with their personalities and dynamics as a couple. We spent an entire day roaming around the Los Angeles area. The day was full of laughter and love and celebration. I came away with the most wonderfully rejuvenated spirit… the kind you can only feel when you are around this kind of love.

Photographing in the LA area can be somewhat tricky. Just about everywhere requires a photography permit or is restricted to only phone photos. I had to stand far away from them most of the time. But Kagen and Pressley naturally fell into the sweetest of embraces and poses. We later drove up the coast to Malibu to meet the sunset. Kagen and Pressley – let me first start off by saying “i crave that honey chicken often” … and then continue to tell you how much i appreciate you. I appreciate you bringing me into your world and your story. I never take it lightly to be the person entrusted to tell someone’s story through photos. I could never do you justice. But i hope you know how much i saw in the two of you as individuals and as a couple. You are determined and focused and neither of you shy away from putting in the work that is needed to continue to reach your goals. I know that the way you do life will carry on into the way you do marriage. I hope that you look back on these photos and see a glimpse of what i see… what all of us see… when we look at the way you love each other. I am so honored to be your photographer and to be your storyteller. thank you again for bringing me to the coast. to the sunshine. for not judging me when i stood toes in the sand and stayed back to get one.last.look at the ocean. thank you for understanding my need to stand there and cry.  and for being gracious with your time and allowing me to share that with others. thank you for the laughter and the grocery store run. and for encouraging me to go out for corn. and for falling in the ocean. and climbing on rocks against your will. but mostly just for being in love… and sharing that with me.

be infinitely blessed

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