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Sebastian | Class of 2015

Sebastian is graduating this spring. I think i spent our entire session laughing. This guy is hilarious.

gMSebastian000gMSebastian001gMSebastian002gMSebastian003gMSebastian004gMSebastian005gMSebastian006gMSebastian007gMSebastian008Sebastian – thanks so much for spending an afternoon with me! it was nice to get to know you and get in an ab workout from the laughing. you are the coolest and i look forward to seeing what you accomplish in life!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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ten years ago at exactly 7:13am … i fell in love. and i feel in love hard.

i can remember it because i had never experienced anything like it before.  the first time we locked eyes. the first time i saw him. the first noise he made… i just knew.

that was ten years ago. and the last ten years have been so wonderful. and scary. and stressful. and challenging. and peaceful. and soothing. and life saving. and defining.

ten years ago… i met the first love of my life. and he looked at me like he had known me all along. i don’t remember much of that morning anymore. the names of the medical staff. or even the name of the hospital he was born in.  or any details associated with labor. but… occasionally, i will look over at my, now, ten year old… and i get the same rush of emotions i did when i very first held him in my hands.

Baconator2it’s taking everything i have to not burst into random tears.

double digits?!? where did the time go? The other day… it occurred to me that i am over halfway there to the day when this little man will leave the nest. kills me. he’s been in my life for ten years. and in my heart for even longer.

Kiddo… you are, without doubt, the best of everything in my life. you are my anchor. my cause. my life. my motivation. my daily strength. my comfort. the energy. the joy. the proof.  You made me a mom. And you saved my life. You are smart and funny. and so unique and unabashedly you. I am so inspired by you everyday. i love the way you love life. the way you always look for more. i love your jokes. and even when you put me in my place. and remind me who i am. i love being your mom. my goodness… i love being your mom. and i love that you are my boy.

Happy Birthday to you.


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J’Rhea | Bridal Portraits

I met this darling a couple of years ago. It probably goes without saying that everyone that meets J’Rhea comes away laughing and having had a great time.  There’s never a dull moment with this girl.  Today she begins her life with Josh. I am honored to be there to share in the excitement and joy for my two friends.

bWJRhea000bWJRhea001bWJRhea002pretty girl!bWJRhea003J’Rhea – you are one of the most genuine people i know. you have so much passion for life and people. i am excited to see what life brings your way and all that you and Josh accomplish together! thank you for sharing your journey with me.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Mary Claire | Graduate 2015

a couple of years ago, Mary Claire showed up in a prom dress and stood before my camera. I was so tempted to ask her to skip prom and just play camera with me for the rest of the evening. Mary Claire photographs soooooooooo well.  I rarely meet someone that is unafraid to be completely raw and vulnerable while being photographed. But Mary Claire… it’s almost as if she’s challenging you to capture the dimensions of her personality.

No matter how hard i were to try… i could never do this girl justice. She is truly one of the most intriguing humans i have ever met. When i say “i could photograph her all day,” i mean it… because a full day of photography would still fail to encapsulate her vibrance and authenticity and complete comfort in her own skin.

Here is my very feeble attempt:

bMMaryClaire000bMMaryClaire001bMMaryClaire002We could’ve hung out under this bridge all afternoon. bMMaryClaire003bMMaryClaire004bMMaryClaire005bMMaryClaire006it’s not a matter of opinion. you are stunning.bMMaryClaire007bMMaryClaire008bMMaryClaire009bMMaryClaire010bMMaryClaire011bMMaryClaire012bMMaryClaire013bMMaryClaire014bMMaryClaire015i just… i just wish i was you. kinda. in a totally serious but joking sort of way.bMMaryClaire016we were literally on the side of the road… when Mary Claire pulls out her banjo. Basically, i lied to her and told her to start playing it so that i could photograph her. But i ended up taking a (very amateur) video of her singing. You can see that below.  And then i took some photos.bMMaryClaire017bMMaryClaire018you’re radiant. bMMaryClaire019bMMaryClaire020Mary Claire… you are a walking hologram. just when i think i might have figured out what was standing before me, i would take one step to the right and see something completely different and fascinating.  I hope you understand just how much you are and that you embrace and welcome it all. i truly cannot wait to see what you will do with the rest of your future and am eager to hear what you give back to this world. Thank you for bringing more of you to me. For challenging me. For renewing a vision. For sharing your sweet personality with me. And for bonding with me over journaling bibles and essential oils.  Now… when can we do this again?!

be infinitely blessed


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Katie | Bridal Session

this beautiful lady joins hands with her fiance today. i am so honored to be their memory source. When we met a couple of months ago for her bridal portraits, i was beside myself. Katie is already stunning and unique… and then she shows up with this pink dress. perfection.

bSKatie000bSKatie001bSKatie002looooooooooooooooooooooooove these!bSKatie003bSKatie004bSKatie005you are such a classic beauty. bSKatie006bSKatie007bSKatie008mhm. makes me want a pink wedding dress. just so i can lay down in all of it’s girly layers bSKatie009Katie… really. it is such a joy to photograph you. but i’m even more proud to know you. and see you so happy and complete. this day is one i will forever hold dear to my heart. thank you for sharing your memories and your love with me!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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