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Vince + Jillian | Anniversary

Vince and Jillian came to me earlier this year for family portraits. But they are also celebrating their 10th anniversary! I love that they asked me to photograph them again as a couple. This is one of my most favorite sessions this fall!

Jillian is a lovely photographer herself in the Oklahoma area.  This can sometimes be very nerve wracking. But Vince and Jillian are so sweet and down to earth that i felt like i had known them for ages. Our afternoon together felt like home!

baLJill000baLJill001baLJill002baLJill003baLJill004baLJill005baLJill006Wardrobe change. Jillian is a stunner!!!!baLJill007baLJill008baLJill009baLJill010baLJill011baLJill012baLJill013baLJill014Vince and Jill… goodness. your kindness and encouragement is so appreciated! I feel such a sweet connection with the two of you and am so glad that you can’t photograph yourselves and have to come see me! Thank you again and again for your generosity, your kind hearts, and gifts! You are among my most favorite people to photograph in my career! Happy anniversary!!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Black Friday Sale 2015

You guys!!!! 2015 was another great year! I have been so thrilled with all the faces i photographed and met this year! Thank you for sharing your memories with me!

Black Friday sale is happening now through Monday at noon! You can get a $50 mini session for 2016! That’s a savings of over $100!!

So be sure to snag yours before they’re all gone! There are 20 offers available!


Your purchase is confirmation that you have read and understood the details listed below

here is the FINE PRINT:

Only 20 Offers Available

Session MUST BE PURCHASED BY 11.30.15 by 12pm

Limit 3 Per family – each purchase counts as one entry.

Portrait Sessions only – graduate mini session, family, maternity, or just children. (no events, parties, birth stories, commercial photography, etc)

Portrait sessions are for individual families and may not be applied toward multiple family sessions.

Sessions must be in Amarillo City Limits. No travel to Palo Duro Canyon, River, etc

Should you purchase multiple sessions, you may combine the photo sessions to create a longer session.

Mini sessions are one outfit and one location and are approximately 30 minutes long and will average around 30 full resolution/fully edited photos and will be provided in a digital download link. Should you prefer a photo CD, you may purchase one for $20

Edits will be my standard editing with a few B&W images. Should you desire any other edits or retouching, we can discuss additional pricing. However, I don’t normally do a whole lot of retouching anyway. What you’re used to seeing on my blog and website are (for the most part) standard editing.

You are free to use your session(s) at any time in between now and September 1st, 2016. These sessions must be scheduled no later than August 1st, 2016. This will ensure that your session is completed prior to time and weather changes. Any sessions redeemed in 2015 will not have a Christmas delivery and space is very very very limited.

Turn around time for portrait galleries is approximately TWO WEEKS, please keep that in mind when purchasing and scheduling your session

If you would like a weekend session, you need to book at least 8 weeks in advance.

Weekday sessions begin being spoken for 3-4 weeks in advance.

Weekend Sessions for Summer 2016 will be LIMITED and will be the first to be spoken for considering the “wedding season” – so you will want to reserve your time slot as soon as possible!!!!

YOU are responsible for scheduling your session.

Should you miss your deadlines for any extenuating circumstances (or you just plain forget…) you may apply your purchase toward regular priced sessions. That’s the way Groupon does it… so why can’t i?!

Remember, all offers must be PURCHASED by 11/30 to take advantage of this sale.

be infinitely blessed



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Hashtag Blessed

Really. in the wake of a very traumatic summer, i sit down to write out what i’m thankful for. because that’s what we’re supposed to do in November right? say thanks?

thanksgiving always has been and always will be my favorite holiday. i love it. the food. the family. the joy. the naps. the elastic waist bands.  no decorating. or gifts. no being overwhelmed by thanksgiving music for a month and a half prior. it’s just a plain and simple day that we set aside to be thankful.

for everything.

I am so thankful that i have been given life. that i am able to live it healthily(ish). that i have friends. and family. and that in the moments when my own life is challenging and overwhelming, that i have a job that allows me to find and rest in the peace and joy of others and their memories. Without every single person that stands in front of my camera, i would be an emotional disaster and would struggle to find the good in people and life. So thank you!!!! Thank you all of you for making every session one of thanksgiving!

Thanks2015be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Dean and Julie | Lubbock, TX

So here’s the deal. I can’t form cohesive thoughts when it comes to Dean and Julie and this photo session. When Julie sent me a message a few months ago, asking me to come to Lubbock for a “styled” shoot… i immediately began pacing. Because that’s what happens when i have the opportunity to photograph them. nerves. shaky hands. sweating palms.

and i’m not even sure why. because they basically ARE the photo. i just have to pick the camera up, point it in their general direction, and push buttons. Dean and Julie are the loveliest of people. And not just because they are part-time models… but because they are beautiful souls and hearts and it just shows. everything good about them shows.

Julie is a talented graphic designer at Grayce Floral. They provided the beautiful floral design you see here. I might have panicked a little when i saw the set up.  I had to have a mental conversation with myself or else i would explode into confetti. confetti everywhere!

Get it together, Chriselda.

Keep your cool, Chriselda.

and don’t you dare squeal. you are a professional. and you can do this. and gosh darn it… people like you.

and now that i’ve gone and made it awkward… here are a few of our most favorites

fbHJulie000fbHJulie001fbHJulie002fbHJulie003fbHJulie004fbHJulie005fbHJulie006you guysssssssssssssssssssssssssss. confetti. you make me so proud to know you.fbHJulie007fbHJulie008Dean is, hands down, one of the smartest people i know. He is also very kind and giving. The night before their wedding, i told them that i had always run around boasting about Julie. Julie this. Julie that. i would do anything for Julie because… it’s Julie.  Julie is such an awesome person and lovely soul. I haven’t met many people in my life that can impact people the way she does – and almost instantly. That is… until i met Dean. Dean is so kind and patient. Committed and loyal. He took so much time out of his weekend to indulge us for this photoshoot. but also to teach my kid to fly fish in their front yard. took him for a guy’s trip to get firewood. and made sure that i had all the coffee i needed. He had things to do. But he also did things he didn’t have to.  Because that’s Dean. and that’s Julie.  And that’s them.

fbHJulie009fbHJulie010fbHJulie011fbHJulie012fbHJulie013fbHJulie014fbHJulie015fbHJulie016fbHJulie017fbHJulie018Dean and Julie – If you could see me right now you’d see me in tears. Our weekend together was like being brought back to life. Our couch conversations into the wee hours of morning were so needed. I need to be around people like the two of you every single day of my life. I am so humbled to call you friends and thank you for repeatedly giving me insight to your marriage. story. and memories.

be infinitely blessedsiggy


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Kevin and Jennifer | Married

Kevin and Jennifer were married this summer. I am so excited to be sharing this beautiful countryside wedding.  There was so much quiet excitement in the air. But most of all, it just seemed like any other day… but with fancier clothes.

These kind of weddings are my most favorite. I love when couples are celebrating their coming together to create a family.  It’s very refreshing to be photographing weddings and to photograph one as lovely as this:

bKJRowell0000bKJRowell0001bKJRowell0002i know i have talked about it before. But this is my most favorite moment of the entire day. It’s the moment when the bride’s emotions are most evident and when life really exposes itself. I love this moment. every bride has it. and it always always always makes me tear up.bKJRowell0003bKJRowell0004bKJRowell0005Kevin and Jennifer decided on a first look. i am sure i don’t have to tell you how much i looooooooooooove a first look. bKJRowell0006bKJRowell0007bKJRowell0008bKJRowell0009bKJRowell0010bKJRowell0011bKJRowell0012bKJRowell0013groomsmen. every time. bKJRowell0014bKJRowell0015bKJRowell0017bKJRowell0018bKJRowell0019bKJRowell0020bKJRowell0016bKJRowell0021bKJRowell0022bKJRowell0023bKJRowell0024bKJRowell0025bKJRowell0026um. hi. is this not a beautiful set of rings?!?bKJRowell0027bKJRowell0028bKJRowell0029bKJRowell0030bKJRowell0031bKJRowell0032bKJRowell0033bKJRowell0034bKJRowell0035Kevin and Jennifer – you are both the sweetest of souls i have met and had the pleasure of working with. thank you for sharing everything you are with me. Your families and friends are so welcoming and made me feel right at home. I know you have a wonderful marriage and life ahead and hope that i can share in many of the memories to come!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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