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Carter Family

These three just warm my heart. So happy that this photography world has brought them into my life and that i have captured their memories for them. Being granted access to the happiest part of people’s life journey is such a rewarding way to spend my time.b14fCMeg000this is Derrick and Meg’s backyard… i’ll wait here while you go get jealous.b14fCMeg001b14fCMeg002b14fCMeg003Coral is the most delicious looking baby i have laid eyes on recently. She is normally very smiley and googley-eyed. But the morning of our session, she tested out a new expression. We laughed most of the morning. i LOVE this face. i just want to smooch it!b14fCMeg004b14fCMeg005b14fCMeg006b14fCMeg007derrick and meg – as always… your generosity. your hearts. and your open embrace makes me ever-so-thankful to know you and call you friends.  i love being a witness to your moments and memories.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Tipps Family

loved every minute i spent with this family. the girls are off to college. and one of these young men is soon to join. I am happy to have shared in some of their memories and milestones over the years!
we met over the holiday weekend and snapped a few photos. they are obviously a good looking bunch. but my favorite thing about them is their matching laughter.

at one point i turned around and made a comment about it.

really… these faces just make me happy.

bfTDon000I have known Mikayla for quite some time now. Mikayla is one talented talented young lady and has the sweetest of hearts. I am so honored to know her and have the opportunity to laugh with her. she will go far, this girl.bfTDon001bfTDon002bfTDon003i photographed Megan a couple of years ago.  Megan is that type of girl that makes you stop in your tracks. She’s a beautiful young lady with a kind heart and a warm smile. there’s something very magnetic about her.bfTDon004bfTDon005bfTDon006Merrick is graduating this year. so you’ll surely see more of this guy.:-)bfTDon007bfTDon008MARCUS! you are my fave. your ability to make me laugh the entire session does not go unappreciated. bfTDon009fTDon177 copybfTDon010you guys are the best. i am so honored to know you guys. and to point a camera in your direction. thank you for sharing your memories with me!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Dallas & Caroline

Dallas and Caroline were confused when i called them at 9:30pm a few weeks ago with a vision.

“I want a deadish Christmas Tree… at the river and you guys. Just work with me here”

but they were champs and loaded up their car with the aforementioned tree, their happy selves, and a few towels because… much to Dallas’s dismay… we would be getting dirty.

i am so pleased to have had an afternoon of creative liberty and ever thankful that they indulged my weird side and challenged me.mMCaroline000mMCaroline001mMCaroline002mMCaroline003this couldn’t be any cuter if i tried.mMCaroline004mMCaroline005while i was out on the hunt for a dead ish christmas tree … you know in the alleys of tree lots and Home Depot… i stopped at a Boy Scout troop lot and they hooked me up with this sad little tree and even gave me some mistletoe to go along with it. cliche? of course it is! but it’s also one half of an amazing little moment/photo here!mMCaroline006mMCaroline007Dallas and Caroline. oh you guys. you just make me so happy lately. i am thankful to know you. to work on a team with you. to play dress up with you. and that you have both become so open with me! i can sense the beginning of a lovely little friendship!

i cannot WAIT to meet blakely. and to snuggle up with cooper.

be infinitely blessed, friends!siggy

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December. 19. 2014 - 7:03 am

chris - coolest pregnancy pictures ever. very creative, way to go !

Febe | College Graduate

Febe just graduated college this past weekend. It’s always so much fun to photograph this milestone. There’s such an overwhelming amount of positive energy and pride felt.
Febe showed up with her amazing hair, personality for days, and those amazing cheekbones… we had a great time walking around campus and occasionally taking a photo or two.


gFFebe000gFFebe001gFFebe002you are exquisite.gFFebe003gFFebe004gFFebe005gFFebe006gFFebe007gFFebe009gFFebe010gFFebe011febe!!!!! ah! thank you for just being such a rockstar throughout our session. for being a champ when it came to the cold. and for sharing this exciting time in your life with me! i hope to know you more and more!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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the Talley Family

you guys. if you are fortunate to know this family… you are fortunate indeed. i first met them this time last year. and really… this is where the healing begins. they are an entire family of friends. and warm hugs. of prayers. and encouragement. they are laughter and joy. they breathe a life into each person in their path. i have never met a family that is so intentional about living. they are the bees knees.

it also doesn’t hurt that they have the cutest kids… EV.ER!fBTalley000ah!!!! it took me a full year to get charlieman to warm up to me. but man… he just slays me with his little personality. i feel like we bonded during this session and should probably get something matchy matchy now.fBTalley001fBTalley002fBTalley003fBTalley004fBTalley005haha.  i just had to.fBTalley006fBTalley007fBTalley008i…. i just can’t.fBTalley009fBTalley010fBTalley011fBTalley012fBTalley013fBTalley014fBTalley015fBTalley016fBTalley017Bob and Beth – i am so honored to know you. to serve with you. and so motivated by your example as a couple. as parents. and as spiritual beings. i am so thankful that i have the honor of knowing you-  but i’m more thankful that you have infused so much life and love into this little heart of mine and restored so much. you may not know it… cause well getting all sentimental is just not a bob kinda thing… but you guys are just what i needed. and there is no doubt in my mind that God placed me in that bookstore when i needed it most. you mean so much to this little healing heart of mine!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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