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Spring Sale = Community Enrichment

In lieu of my yearly spring sale, i’m going to do something different!

I have the opportunity to join a team of Techo Volunteers in Nicaragua to help impoverished communities. We will be raising money to build homes for them. And you all know how much i love giving back. The cool thing about this is that i will get to travel to Nicaragua myself and help build these homes with my own two hands.

So, i want you to consider viewing my campaign page and donating/contributing. I believe in this so much that i am willing to work for it. (and even spend a considerable amount of time putting together a video – being on the other side of the camera is tough)

For every $100 you donate, i will give you a family/graduate/portrait session in return. You give your money directly to the organization. I don’t see a cent of it. That’s how much i believe in this and how serious i am about raising the funds!

All you have to do is head over to my donation page, make a contribution, send me your receipt, and book your session(s).  There is going to be some fine print – you’ll see that below.

Not only will you receive a complimentary session for your donation, but you will also see the results of what your contribution is doing in all parts of this world.

Contribute HERE


 Fine Print:


Portrait Sessions only – graduate session, individual family, maternity, or just children. (no events, parties, birth stories, commercial photography, etc)

Portrait sessions are for individual families and may not be applied toward multiple family sessions.

Sessions must be in Amarillo City Limits. No travel to Palo Duro Canyon, River, etc

Should you purchase multiple sessions, you may combine the photo sessions to create a longer session.

Sessions are one outfit and one location and are approximately 45 minutes to an hour long and will average around 50 full resolution/fully edited photos and will be provided in a digital download link. Should you prefer a photo CD, you may purchase one for $20

Edits will be my standard editing with a few B&W images. Should you desire any other edits or retouching, we can discuss additional pricing. However, I don’t normally do a whole lot of retouching anyway. What you’re used to seeing on my blog and website are (for the most part) standard editing.

You are free to use your session(s) at any time in between now and November 1st, 2016. These sessions must be scheduled no later than October 1st, 2016. This will ensure that your session is completed prior to time and weather changes.

Turn around time for portrait galleries is approximately TWO WEEKS, please keep that in mind when purchasing and scheduling your session

If you would like a weekend session, you need to book at least 8 weeks in advance.

Weekday sessions begin being spoken for 3-4 weeks in advance.

Weekend Sessions for Summer 2016 will be LIMITED and will be the first to be spoken for considering the “wedding season” – so you will want to reserve your time slot as soon as possible!!!!

YOU are responsible for scheduling your session.

Should you miss your deadlines for any extenuating circumstances (or you just plain forget…) you may apply your purchase toward regular priced sessions at any point during 2017.

Remember, all offers must be PURCHASED by May 9th to take advantage of this sale.

be infinitely blessed


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Seth | class of 2016

Seth is graduating this spring. I have known Seth for quite some time now.  He was much shorter then.

But Seth has gone from being a boy to being a young man. I couldn’t be more proud to know him or feel more honored to photograph his senior year!

sgMSeth000sgMSeth001sgMSeth002sgMSeth003sgMSeth004sgMSeth005sgMSeth006sgMSeth007sgMSeth008Sef – seriously. seeing you know makes me feel like i need to wrap my arms around my kid a little longer! i cannot believe time has flown by so quickly and that you are on your way to college and into the world. I know that you come from a family of hard workers and goal seekers. So i trust that your future will be just as fruitful. Thank you for being so awesome to my little man and for always being there to make me laugh. You are one amazing guy and i cannot wait to see what you set out to do in this life.

be infinitely blessed



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Hadley’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

a full head of hair. the cutest little cheeks on the planet. over eight pounds of baby goodness.

Hadley arrived to this life a few weeks ago. She was welcomed by her doting parents, one amazing and crazy excited big sister, and a circle of family and friends just waiting to love on her.

the day was quiet and calm. Nicole was at peace and relaxed. Motherhood comes very naturally to her. When we talked a couple of weeks later about that day, i told her that this time around seemed very “uneventful.”  Everyone was so light hearted and eager. There was no panic. No nervous energy. No pacing or frenzy. It was just time to push and then she was here. Happy and healthy. And ready to be loved on.

don’t tell Anthony… but i think this experience has made Nicole want to have another one…

bHHadleyRose000bHHadleyRose001bHHadleyRose002bHHadleyRose003this “h” pendant was Anthony’s “push present” to Nicole. For both of their girls: Harper and Hadley.bHHadleyRose004bHHadleyRose005Birth is so beautiful. there is a complete surrender of body. and it always amazes me to see a woman’s natural instincts to give in and work with her body.bHHadleyRose006bHHadleyRose007bHHadleyRose008just as the doctor walked passed her, she knew what it meant! She would soon be a big sister. bHHadleyRose009bHHadleyRose010bHHadleyRose011bHHadleyRose012bHHadleyRose013bHHadleyRose014Nicole reached down and pulled Hadley from her womb to her arms. ahhhhh. the most beautiful thing i have ever seenbHHadleyRose015bHHadleyRose016bHHadleyRose017bHHadleyRose018bHHadleyRose019bHHadleyRose020bHHadleyRose021bHHadleyRose022bHHadleyRose023bHHadleyRose024bHHadleyRose025bHHadleyRose026bHHadleyRose027bHHadleyRose028bHHadleyRose029bHHadleyRose030bHHadleyRose031

Anthony and Nicole… being there to witness the birth of both of your girls has been nothing short of pure joy. being on the journey that made you parents. and family. and following you through your memories has been so much fun. thank you, as always, for being so gracious to extend your lives to me.

be infinitely blessed


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Danica | class of 2016

Danica is a graduate this spring.

when i first met her. she was a baby. an actual infant. to know that she is now grown and on her way into adulthood and this crazy big world… blows my mind.  This girl has a special spark within her. It doesn’t take long to notice it.

danica’s portrait session was easy. in every sense of the word. she was easy to pose. easy to laugh with. easy to explore with. she was up for anything and has a most contagious smile and laughter.

gRDanica000gRDanica001gRDanica002gRDanica003gRDanica004perhaps my favorite images are the ones between the poses. gRDanica005gRDanica006gRDanica007gRDanica008gRDanica009gRDanica010gRDanica012gRDanica013gRDanica014ok. go ahead and be flawless. gRDanica015Danica (and Athena) – it is so nice to share this season in life with you and to highlight these memories! Danica, you are a blast to be around and i truly had a great time getting to know you! I know that you will accomplish anything that your heart desires and i hope that i get to hear all about it! thank you for being such a joy to work with and for being so fun.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Marco and Kim | engaged

“I knew this was the man i would marry before i had even fallen in love with him”

this was the revelation she had standing in her kitchen one random morning when Marco had come over to help her.  You see, Kim was never one to date casually. She was intentional and clear.  Her friends would tell her “just enjoy this” but something always held her back. That is, until she met Marco.  With Marco, she knew that God had revealed her husband to her; leaving her completely free to focus and enjoy the process of dating and falling in love.

 This engagement session was like no other session i have ever had. They were so open and honest and loving. Several times i would be clicking away and they would fall quiet and just look at each other. Then they’d break into smile and say, ” i love you.”  I came away from our time together feeling like i could never translate the true connection and love they share into photos

bCKim000bCKim001bCKim002bCKim003bCKim004bCKim005🙂 bCKim006bCKim007bCKim008bCKim009bCKim010bCKim011bCKim012bCKim013bCKim014bCKim015Marco and Kim – siiiiiiiigh. thank you.  From the outside looking in, we all know that you two are perfect for each other. We all know that you have a beautiful relationship. But… i’m so thankful for the afternoon you spent with me that allowed me to really see the depth of what you two have. It is beautiful and true and such a statement of God’s honor and care for us and the desires of our heart.  I don’t feel like i could ever give back to you what you shared with me in this afternoon. You are two marvelous souls and i know you will accomplish so much together! thank you again for baring your souls and really allowing me access to the core of your relationship.

be infinitely blessed


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