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Brit | Maternity

When  Brit asked me to join her for her birth story, i was really excited. and honored. then she asked me for maternity photos. and i kinda whimpered nervously to myself. because i mean… she’s an excellent photographer herself. then my palms started sweating. and i started feeling a lump in my throat. and so forth…

but the day arrived for their session. she is truly one of the most funny humans i know and just so full of laughter.  I hope that i brought brit’s vision to life for these photos and cannot wait to meet their little baby!

bSBrit000bSBrit001bSBrit002you are STUNNING.bSBrit003bSBrit004bSBrit005bSBrit006bSBrit007bSBrit008bSBrit009Colby and Brit – thank you so much for sharing this very special time in your life with me! i am so honored and humbled. with a side of nervous. but still love every bit of our time together. you are both so genuine and caring and the best of the best people on earth.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Ryce & Mikayla | Proposal Story

You see… Ryce and Mikayla are one of the most beloved couples in our little theatre family.  We have all known them for years and have watched them share their immense talents with audiences for quite some time.

So Ryce orchestrates this plan to have Mikayla help his mom plan a “surprise birthday party” in his honor. Essentially, she is providing the guest list for her own engagement party. But little does Mikayla know that Ryce has been behind it all.

Because they first met and fell in love in this very place, it seemed only fitting for it to also be the place where the rest of their lives together continued. So friends from near and far poured into the back seats of the audience and sat quietly (and anxiously) awaiting the moment Mikayla would walk across that stage.

Ryce then whispered to her from off stage and brought her into a low pool of light and gave one beautiful serenade performance.

bTMikayla000bTMikayla001bTMikayla002bTMikayla003seriously. i adore the both of you.bTMikayla004bTMikayla005bTMikayla006bTMikayla007bTMikayla008Proud dad!bTMikayla009ENGAGED!!!!bTMikayla010bTMikayla011bTMikayla012bTMikayla013bTMikayla014Ryce and Mikayla. oh wow. i should probably stop now or i’ll burst into tears. So over a lump in my throat, let me just say (type) … that i am so fond of you both. I have enjoyed every moment of watching you light up the stage and tell stories and bring characters to life.  In some ways, you feel like my own and i could not be more proud of the man and woman you have become. Your relationship is such a lovely standard for all of us. You always have smiles on your faces and contagious, random, and easy laughter.  I cannot think of two souls more suited for each other. You inspire me. You refresh me. You leave a trail of happiness everywhere you go. I am so honored and humbled to have been there to celebrate you and to be on this journey.


be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Galindo Family | San Antonio, TX Family Photographer

I am lucky enough to call this family part of my extended family.  I cannot believe that it has been four years since i last photographed them.

We made our way to San Antonio earlier this month. We were able to hang out and visit Fredericksburg to pick peaches. Then we made peach pie. and homemade ice cream. At one point, we all gathered around the kitchen, the kids running around playing, and laughed at how much life had changed from when we first met in our early twenties.
Now we were parents. And so… domestic.

But really. this life is so beautiful and rewarding and a blessing. and these four are those same things for us: beautiful and rewarding and a blessing.

bGMayra000bGMayra008bGMayra007bGMayra006bGMayra005bGMayra004bGMayra003bGMayra002bGMayra001John and Wywa – thank you so much for being so generous. inviting. and hospitable. i am so thankful that our paths crossed all those years ago and love seeing your family grow! Hasta la proxima!
be infinitely blessed


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Daniel & Robyn | Anniversary Session

It really was the perfect summer evening. the clouds had rolled in. the temperature had dropped. and there was, of course, that slight Texas Panhandle breeze.
Then we were lakeside. and that… that’s just the perfect formula for this anniversary session.
Daniel and Robyn are the kind of people you want to know, photograph, laugh with, and share your evening with.

Robyn owns Semblance Boutique, so naturally, this session was full of style!

bGRobyn003bGRobyn000bGRobyn001bGRobyn002bGRobyn004bGRobyn005bGRobyn006bGRobyn007bGRobyn008bGRobyn009see those bracelets? those come in size Chriselda… in case any of you are getting early birthday ideas for yours truly…bGRobyn010bGRobyn011this GAWGEOUS floral design was provided by McKenzie at the Daisy Chain StudiobGRobyn012bGRobyn013bGRobyn014seriously. you are just so cute together. bGRobyn015bGRobyn016bGRobyn017Daniel and Robyn. it was lovely to spend an evening with you. i loved getting to know you both better and am excited to collaborate again in the future! You are both so full of life and love. thank you for making this session easy. fun. carefree. and so… organic. I appreciate every bit of these memories. thank you for sharing them with me! i’m going to bottle them up in a mason jar!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Thomas Family

this family is full of life and laughter. and their toddler is full of energy and personality!

perfect combination!

i met with these four to update their family photo.  This was their first non-studio session. It was so much fun. We laughed more than we probably should have. but that’s ok. They have the biggest hearts and best smiles around!


bTRachel002bTRachel003bTRachel004are we done yet?bTRachel005listen lady… scram!bTRachel006bTRachel007this is his reaction when mom asks for a kiss….


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