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Ryce and Mikayla | Central Park Photographer

Almost a year ago, i photographed Ryce and Mikayla’s winter wedding.

Now these two are in NYC chasing after their dreams. I feel so very honored to still be able to document them on their journeys in this life. We met up in NYC earlier this month and decided to walk around Central Park  and… oh you know… take some photos.

central-park-couple-session000central-park-couple-session001central-park-couple-session002central-park-couple-session003central-park-couple-session004central-park-couple-session005central-park-couple-session006central-park-couple-session007central-park-couple-session008central-park-couple-session009central-park-couple-session010central-park-couple-session011central-park-couple-session012central-park-couple-session013central-park-couple-session014Ryce and Mikayla. Being in the city with you was surreal. who would’ve ever thought our paths would bring us here?! Thank you for being so genuine and kind and for always willingly sharing the best parts of yourselves with us. we love you! and are so proud of you

be infinitely blessed



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October. 21. 2016 - 2:18 pm

Tanya Pakan - Those are the most beautiful pictures!

Makenna | Class of 2017

I have known Makenna since she was around 9 years old. To think that she is now a high school senior blows my mind.

Despite knowing her all this time, I have never had the privilege of photographing Makenna. We have both dreamed about it, but it had never come to fruition until just recently. Honest to goodness… we didn’t take photos very much. We sat in all the rooms of this historical home filled with years and years of memory and history. and we held hands and cried together. we laughed together. we ranted and yelled together. and then occasionally, i would remember that i was supposed to be photographing her.

Makenna is one of the most intentional spirits i have ever met. she is magic. and poetry. and i will likely never have another photo session like this one.

bmmakenna000bmmakenna001bmmakenna002bmmakenna003bmmakenna005bmmakenna006bmmakenna008bmmakenna009bmmakenna010bmmakenna011bmmakenna012bmmakenna013bmmakenna014bmmakenna015bmmakenna016bmmakenna017bmmakenna018bmmakenna019makenna. thank you for pushing me. both creatively and mentally. i will cherish all of those words. the vulnerability. you sharing all that you did about life and love and who you are. my regret is that i haven’t been around to see you transform into the amazing human soul that you are. I think the world of you and know that you have the capacity to love big and with strength. thank you for choosing me to attempt to bring your inner beauty to the surface and photograph it. i believe in you.

be infinitely blessed.


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the Sims family

I could be wrong. but i’m probably not. Fall is the best time to have family photos updated! And these six are the perfect addition to a fall afternoon with my camera!

fsstephanie000fsstephanie001fsstephanie002fsstephanie003fsstephanie004fsstephanie005fsstephanie006fsstephanie007Stephanie! I had a great time on our session with your beautiful family! thank you for sharing them with me and for letting me in on all the fun and laughter you all share with each other!

be infinitely blessed


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Zoie | Horeshoe Bend + Great Sand Dunes

Last month we traveled to Arizona to see Horeshoe Bend. It was unreal and so so sooooo beautiful.

Zoie and i had been planning this trip for a while and decided we would take photos while there.


horeshoe-bend-photoshoot000that giant dark spot?? that’s just a drop off into the Grand Canyon. No big deal. I didn’t let Zoie get as close as she wanted to. I would start screaming that she would trip on her dress or the wind would blow her off. Or that aliens would drop down from the sky and push her in. I mean… i am THAT terrified of heights that it’s borderline ridiculous. horeshoe-bend-photoshoot001horeshoe-bend-photoshoot002horeshoe-bend-photoshoot003the following day we made our way to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. If you’ve never been… you need to go. to think that this is earth. and we get to live on it… seriously…. photos can NEVER do it justice.

great-sand-dunes-photoshoot002great-sand-dunes-photoshoot000great-sand-dunes-photoshoot001great-sand-dunes-photoshoot003great-sand-dunes-photoshoot004I encourage all of you to see as much of this earth as you can. There are so many beautiful things to see in America alone. I simply cannot get enough of it.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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