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Zac + Chelsi | Bar Z Winery Reception

Zac and Chelsi celebrated their beach nuptials after their return from the Riviera Maya.
This group certainly knows how to have fun and party!

baCardwell000baCardwell001baCardwell002baCardwell003baCardwell004Chelsi has impeccable style.  I loved seeing her personal touch on her wedding decor!baCardwell005baCardwell006baCardwell007baCardwell008baCardwell009baCardwell010baCardwell011baCardwell012baCardwell013baCardwell014baCardwell015baCardwell016Wardrobe change!baCardwell017baCardwell018baCardwell019baCardwell020Guests were served with a late night food truck of grilled cheese and french fries. ummmm yes, please!baCardwell021baCardwell022baCardwell023baCardwell024baCardwell025baCardwell026baCardwell027Zac and Chelsi – you two have changed my life for the better. You are both such a treasure to us and always a joy to be around. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and that i am lucky enough to call you friends.  thank you for bringing me on your journey. I look forward to all that you accomplish as individuals, as a couple, and when you begin to grow as a family. I can only hope that this is just the beginning of an amazing collection of Cardwell happiness filling up my computer hard drives! I am so thankful for all of the laughter. reality television. healthy eating. pinterest shares. road trips. traffic tickets. pedicures. Zodiac sign analysis. but more importantly, i look forward to all of the memories that we have yet to create!

thank you. and as always… be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Zac + Chelsi | Riviera Maya, Mexico

Zac and Chelsi were married in beautiful Riviera Maya. It was a small gathering of their family and closest friends. I cannot have imagined a more perfect way for these two to join their lives together.
All week, Zac and Chelsi celebrated with their guests; going on excursions, having dinner, and lunch and poolside laughter. They were sure to make everyone feel special and included.
I am so excited to share the photos from their wedding day!!
bCardwell000bCardwell001Azul Sensatori was the perfect setting for these two and their families!bCardwell002Upon arrival, Zac and Chelsi had welcome bags for their guests! i loved the personal touch and the way they made everyone feel loved and appreciated for traveling with them for their wedding!bCardwell003bCardwell004bCardwell005I could go on and on about their generosity. Each night we were greeted with personal sized treats and notes! bCardwell006bCardwell007bCardwell008bCardwell009bCardwell010bCardwell011bCardwell012bCardwell013Chelsi’s dad… goodness he loves his daughter. I am so happy that my friend has two amazing men in her life that love her equally! bCardwell014bCardwell015bCardwell016bCardwell017bCardwell018bCardwell019bCardwell020bCardwell021bCardwell022bCardwell023bCardwell024bCardwell025bCardwell026Zac and Chelsi – this week was such a perfect week for the two of you. I loved being able to sit back and look at the way your friends and family celebrated your commitment and love for each other! I am thankful to have been able to join you and be a part of your memories!

Be infinitely blessed


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Oliver turns 2!

This little nugget… gosh he has stolen my heart!!!

Oliver has always been the most stylish little man i know. Now he is turning two and i am beyond thrilled to be able to document his toddler years!

k2COliver000k2COliver001k2COliver002k2COliver003never cut these. ok? ok!k2COliver004k2COliver005k2COliver006k2COliver007k2COliver008k2COliver009k2COliver010k2COliver011k2COliver012k2COliver013For the record… i couldn’t resist. ugh. best ever!k2COliver014Jimmy and Mackenzie- thank you oh so much for asking me to photograph this adorable kiddo! i am so honored to be able to capture his milestones when you are so so goooooooooood at photographing him yourselves!  You guys are a wonderful team of parents and i am glad to know you and call you friends!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Matt & Jenny | Anniversary Session

My friends Matt and Jenny just celebrated their eighth anniversary. I have known them for just a little longer than that and have been waiting for the time when i could finally get them both before the camera. So… when Matt contacted me about surprising his wife with a day of beauty punctuated with a photo session, i was more than happy to jump on board!!
I met Jenny at a coffee shop. She asked me over and over about what was happening. What’s going on? Are you my surprise? What am i doing? Where are we going? What… what is this?
To which i responded … “i’m only doing what i’m told!”

Jenny is such a joy to photograph. She has so much personality and spirit and it just radiates.
cMJenni000cMJenni001cMJenni002you are… by far… one of the most fun people i have ever photographed! cMJenni003Then! Matt joined us for the last part of the session. This is when things took a different spin. I love seeing how they care for each other and how well they fit. It made me the happiest photographer!cMJenni004 cMJenni006cMJenni005cMJenni007cMJenni008And this… might get me in trouble. When i asked them how long they had been married, it took them just a second to figure out the math. cMJenni009Matt and Jenny…. this could get lengthy. So i have known you both really well individually. Jenny : having seen your talents on stage and in the theatre world and then as a friend.  You are of the most caring, passionate and truly invested people i know. Your ability to care genuinely for your fellow man is inspiring and heartwarming. Having recently been on the receiving end of your generosity and kindness only further affirms what i’ve always known and felt about you. Matt: having worked on committees with you and sat in the quiet corner of our loud theatre gatherings… i have learned so much about who you are as a person. You are quiet and calm and shy, mayhaps… but beyond the exterior, you are one of the most passionate, direct and intentional human beings i have ever had the good fortune to meet. If you say something, you mean it.  As a couple: i see how well these different fibers blend together and create who you are as husband and wife. It’s the kind of union to aspire to. And i surely speak on behalf of our many friends, when i say that i am glad to know you, glad to share all shapes and journeys of life with you, and am glad that my world is better because you are a part of it. Thank you! for being everything that you are. and for asking me to photograph your memories and milestones. I love you both dearly.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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August. 28. 2015 - 10:32 am

Jason - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Well said Chriselda!!!

Blakely | Six Month Session

This little doll takes up prime real estate in my heart. I was lucky enough to be able to witness her arrival and have grown very close with her over the last six months. She’s the kind of baby that makes all worries fade away. Her smile is contagious. and complete perfection.

b6MBlakely000b6MBlakely001b6MBlakely002oh my.b6MBlakely003i think she likes this chairb6MBlakely004b6MBlakely005b6MBlakely006and then her parents put her in a basket. b6MBlakely007b6MBlakely008b6MBlakely009b6MBlakely010Dallas and Caroline – from the parts of me that are the most grateful… i appreciate you incorporating me into your family and memories. i love this little girl with all i have and am so glad to be able to watch her grow this year!! thank you again and again and again for sharing her with me!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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