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Michael and Taylor | Married

Michael and Taylor were married last fall. They invited me to their spring celebration with their family and friends!

I can’t get over how loving they are toward each other. And how even though they had already been married for a few months, their reception day was emotional and tender.

bMTaylor000bMTaylor001Having had a more laid back ceremony, Taylor still wanted to surprise Michael in her wedding gown. Taylor beamed with joy!bMTaylor002bMTaylor003bMTaylor004bMTaylor005bMTaylor006bMTaylor007bMTaylor008bMTaylor009i love the way they look at each other. bMTaylor010bMTaylor011bMTaylor012bMTaylor013bMTaylor014bMTaylor015bMTaylor016Michael and Taylor: it was a joy to photograph you and get to know you better. You are both so sweet and loving toward each other. I will always carry with me the memory of your glances, your affections, and love. It was truly beautiful to see how much love you have toward each other and to see how many people rally behind you and your future! thank you again for having me along to capture your memories!

be infinitely blessed


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Marfa | Travel

A couple of months ago, a few of us got together and made our way to Marfa, TX. For whatever reason, i have been so reluctant to share these photos. Maybe it’s because i have been wanting to go to Marfa for yeeeeears now and i wanted to keep this trip sacred and to myself. Or, maybe it’s because i feel like Marfa is such an icon and i wasn’t going to do it justice. But… here i am… posting my favorite parts of this trip.

For me, life is very fast paced, hectic, and chaotic.  While it seems that i travel often, it is rarely just for fun. Usually i am dedicating a portion of my trip to work. So this was a treat for me. This was breaking away from the norm.  I loved every moment of it.

If you have never been to Marfa, or even heard of it, i truly encourage you to plan a trip out there! It is one of the coolest places i have ever been.

Here is my best attempt at being a Marfa tour guide.

first things first, plan your trip on a weekend. most of the restaurants, attractions, and whatever else are closed during the week.  You are also in the desert. So keep the gas tank full. And the water handy. Cell service is a bit splotchy. enjoy the freedom to disconnect. it will reward you greatly if you stay in its presence.

Admittedly, i didn’t photograph everything we saw or did. Everything there is completely photo worthy, but there were times that i got more out of just being in the moment rather than capturing it.bMarfaTexas000bMarfaTexas001bMarfaTexas002We drove from North Texas, so we first stopped at Balmorhea State Park to jump into the natural springs. There were fish in it. And it took me quite some time to convince myself to jump in. And then even longer to convince myself to jump off the diving board. But once i was in the water, it was truly terrific. The water is perfection degrees Fahrenheit.  Also… there are fish in it.  did i mention that? that there are FISH in the water?!


The thing about traveling with photographers is this: you often have to pull off the road to take photos.  Here we are waiting for Gunnar to experiment with Joan the Drone.


Marfa, TX by Gunnar Widowski


We stayed at El Cosmico. Because when in Marfa…


bMarfaTexas011ElCosmico2bMarfaTexas013bMarfaTexas014we spent most of the afternoon laying on this porch and listening to music. it was the perfection and probably my favorite part of the entire trip. bMarfaTexas015bMarfaTexas016bMarfaTexas017Kami and I cracking up about… not sure what.

photo by Gunnar Widowski

bMarfaTexas012We finally decided to get up and chase the sunset. We found a spot and literally just sat there and watched the horizon.bMarfaTexas018bMarfaTexas019bMarfaTexas020bMarfaTexas021bMarfaTexas022bMarfaTexas023bMarfaTexas024We ate dinner at El Cochineal.  It was delicious and the ambiance was really nice. I don’t have any photos of dinner. And i’m ok with that.

We also drove out of town to see the “Marfa Lights” but we didn’t see any and quickly decided we were wasting our time. So we drove back into town and resumed our spot on the porch.

bMarfaTexas025these teepees are the coolest. Photo by Gunnar Widowski.bMarfaTexas026Morning came really early. Gunnar and Kami woke up to catch the sunrise. i could hear them climbing up on the roof. I stumbled my way out there to watch it peak out. but then decided my retinas and i preferred the inside of our abode… where the coffee was.


Our camper didn’t have a shower. That’s one the sweet things about El Cosmico, it has a shower area for those in tents or teepees. But each camper also has it’s own shower.  That was my first time to shower outdoors. I think i liked it.

bMarfaTexas030bMarfaTexas031We ate breakfast at Marfa Burrito.  Basically, this sweet lady’s home that she opens up to visitors and locals. The burritos are awesome. Ramona is super sweet.  Coincidentally… she was quite taken by my friend Gunnar here.

bMarfaTexas032bMarfaTexas033bMarfaTexas034photo by Gunnar WidowskibMarfaTexas035The thing about Marfa is that it is so slow paced. Which is awesome because it forced me to slow down as well. There was a bunch of doing nothing and just walking around. Most places were closed – because they basically close when they want to. We didn’t get a chance to see everything.  I really did enjoy Ballroom Marfa. It is equally simple but beautifulbMarfaTexas041bMarfaTexas042bMarfaTexas043bMarfaTexas044

I have been talking about the Grilled Cheese in Marfa for as long as i’ve known about Marfa. Unfortunately, they were not open when we went. BUT!!!! we did eat at the Food Shark and it did not disappoint. I had falafel.  We ate inside an old bus-converted-dining-area and made friends with a Labrador named “George Michael BluthbMarfaTexas036bMarfaTexas037bMarfaTexas038bMarfaTexas039photo by KamibMarfaTexas040bMarfaTexas045Can’t go to Marfa and not go to Prada Marfa. – i should note that this is quite a ways outside of town. In the middle of nowhere. and you should have a full tank of gas… amirite, Gunnar and Kami??

bMarfaTexas046bMarfaTexas047bMarfaTexas048a special thanks to the random tourist that was standing by. sometimes the tripod just doesn’t cut it. bMarfaTexas049If you want to see more of our trip, you can find each of us on Instagram:

Chriselda: @Chriselda

Gunnar Widowski : Website

IG: @GunnarWidowski

Kami:  @KamiDelight

gunnar and kami. i can’t imagine a better way to experience Marfa for the first time. this trip will forever remain one of my most favorite!


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Ava and Ella | Canyon, TX Children Photographer

Ava Grace and Ella Kate just celebrated their birthdays. (Fourth and First, respectively)

They are two beautiful and precious little dolls and i had so much fun taking their photos. I got to chase them around, bribe them, get covered in glitter, and maybe just maaaaaaybe i snuck a bit of frosting from the smash cake.

b16WMelissa000b16WMelissa001b16WMelissa002b16WMelissa003b16WMelissa004b16WMelissa005b16WMelissa006b16WMelissa007b16WMelissa008b16WMelissa009Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your children with me! It has been a complete joy to get to know you better and i am so excited to watch your children grow.

be infinitely blessed


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Audrey’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

Each birth that i am able to photograph is different from the other. They are a fingerprint.  So it will sound cliche when i say that this birth story was unlike any other that i have ever photographed.  Allow me to explain.

Charity is a labor and delivery nurse herself. She worked the day she gave birth and in the middle of the afternoon realized she was in labor. So she went home to prepare and returned later to a room decorated by her fellow nurses.  And Charity? She smiled through the entire thing! She smiled during contractions. And the waiting. And the pushing. She never stopped smiling.

When i arrived at the hospital, Charity let me know that she’d be having a baby within an hour. She had waited for me. And after one quick push, her baby girl had arrived.  It made me realize just how joyful her spirit is.  I knew that she and Jeremiah were excellent parents to their other three boys.

And even though her birthstory is unlike any that i had previously experienced, it shares a common denominator with women everywhere who surrender completely to the call of delivering their child into this life and their family.

.and that inspires me and reminds me why i love doing this as much as i do.

bCCharity000bCCharity001bCCharity002bCCharity003bCCharity004bCCharity005bCCharity006bCCharity007Charity’s mom sat over to the side the entire time. And in the same quite demeanor cried big tears of joy when her granddaughter arrived. It melted my heart to see her standing by quietly in her own little celebration. bCCharity008bCCharity009bCCharity010bCCharity011bCCharity012bCCharity013bCCharity014bCCharity015bCCharity016bCCharity017bCCharity018bCCharity019bCCharity020because Charity delivered in the wee hours of morning, i returned the following day to photograph this little nugget as she met her brothers for the first time!! bCCharity021bCCharity022bCCharity023bCCharity024bCCharity025bCCharity026bCCharity027bCCharity028bCCharity029bCCharity030bCCharity031Jeremiah and Charity. Goodness. you all are so amazing and fantastic. I am so honored to have been there in your complete joy to celebrate the arrival of this little angel.  I will always remember how fun and light hearted this all was! Thank you! thank you for giving me this pleasure. I hope to see you again and again as your little ones grow!

be infinitely blessed


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May. 25. 2016 - 11:01 pm

Charity - You are amazing!! I am so happy you were a part of our special day!

Ben and Darian | Engagement

there are few people in the world that i would wake up at 5am for. Darian is one of those people. I have had the tremendous pleasure of knowing her for a while now. She has a vibrant and charismatic personality.  We have these insightful conversations every time we meet.  We met recently and talked about her fiance, Ben, and how they met and how she felt so connected to him.

We decided to meet for a sunrise shoot. It was cold and windy that morning. But Ben and Darian feed off of each other’s energy. They drew each other in closer. Embraced often. And laughed with excitement that they were taking their engagement photos.

it was completely worth the early alarm to be able to witness these two together!

eHDarian000eHDarian001eHDarian002eHDarian003eHDarian004eHDarian005eHDarian006eHDarian007eHDarian008eHDarian009eHDarian010eHDarian011eHDarian012eHDarian013eHDarian014i love thiseHDarian015eHDarian016eHDarian017eHDarian018eHDarian019eHDarian020eHDarian021eHDarian022eHDarian023eHDarian024eHDarian025eHDarian026eHDarian027eHDarian028eHDarian029Ben and Darian – it is a true joy to have captured your engagement. I am excited to see what the future has in store for you and to see where your passions will lead you. thank you for sharing this very special time with me.

be infinitely blessed


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