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Landry & Chloe | Maternity Photography

Landry and Chloe make for one afternoon well spent. I met them a few years ago when they were enjoying their engagement and wedding journey. And now… they are welcoming a little one and i am SO excited to take a moment to capture this happy time in their life!

And as if having a baby & selling their home weren’t enough… they are also building and opening a new wedding venue here in Amarillo! It’s just further proof of their ability to shine and choose joy in all circumstances and to really MOVE in this life and their world.

Be sure to check out their website – Homestyle Country Weddings as they build!!!

mWChloe000mWChloe001mWChloe002beautifulmWChloe003mWChloe004mWChloe005my favorite thing about these two is their overwhelming joy. they are so happy and laugh easily and often. Being in front of the camera is nerve wracking. But when these two feel awkward, they laugh their way through it. It’s my most favorite thing about our sessions together… their ability to smile and laugh their way through it together. mWChloe006mWChloe007mWChloe008mWChloe009mWChloe010Thank you SO much for being you. and for being so real. i feel so “at home” with the two of you and cannot say enough about your spirit. your laughter. and your genuine presence. You are the salt of the earth and i am over the moon for all the exciting things happening in your lives! also… remind me to talk to you about birth photos! {{wink}}

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Blakely Ann | Amarillo Birth Photography

i want to tell you a million things about the evening when Blakely became a part of this world and made Dallas and Caroline parents.  I have never witnessed a more loving and encouraging and uplifting evening as family and friends waited anxiously for the arrival of this little gem.

Labor began in the wee hours of morning and ended almost twenty four hours later.  Nothing in this world could be more worth the wait. Blakely is perfect and beautiful and so so loved.

bMBlakely000bMBlakely001bMBlakely002when people ask me why i love birth photography so much, i tell them it’s because i get to witness so much love. it’s when i feel the closest to God… you know… being able to see His promise and miracle. in these tender moments i feel so connected and alive. bMBlakely003bMBlakely004Dallas … you are already such an amazing father. bMBlakely005bMBlakely006bMBlakely007bMBlakely008bMBlakely009a few days later, i met them at home for newborn photos. blakely had already changed so much.

nbMBlakely000nbMBlakely001Caroline. you are my hero. your grace and poise is so inspiring. i love seeing you as a wife and mother. nbMBlakely002nbMBlakely003nbMBlakely004i LOVE her. i Loooooooooove her. nbMBlakely005nbMBlakely006our little Queen B. nbMBlakely007nbMBlakely008Dallas and Caroline… from the most sincere and humble parts of me… thank you. for everything. for being our friends. for loving us. for encouraging us. for expanding who we are and what we do. Thank you for being so dedicated and faithful. Loyal, passionate and loving. and for infusing God’s goodness into everyone you come into contact with. I already had so much care for our friendship and Blakely… she just made everything so complete. I love this little girl as if she were mine… and cannot be more honored to have been there in the moments that she made her home in your arms and hearts.  thank you again and again for sharing this special life with me.

enjoy your slideshow

be infinitely blessed


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March … on into Spring Sale!

you guys…. i’ve had about ENOUGH of this winter weather. In the midst of these days with temps below or barely above freezing, i find myself daydreaming about warmer days. long walks on the beach. gazing at the…

no wait. i don’t actually daydream about that. i just want to thaw out. i daydream about thawing out!

so… now that it’s March… let’s welcome Spring with a session special! who wants pics?!

you can book a session for this spring or summer now!

you can purchase it by clicking HERE…. BUT!!!! there is fine print below that should be looked at prior to making your purchase!

March Sale

here is the FINE PRINT:

Only 25 Offers Available

Session MUST BE PURCHASED BY 03.05.15 by 12pm

Limit 2 Per family

Portrait Sessions only – no events, parties, etc.

Portrait sessions are for individual families and may not be applied toward multiple family sessions.

Sessions must be in Amarillo City Limits. No travel to Palo Duro Canyon, River, etc

Should you purchase multiple sessions, you may combine the photo sessions to create a longer session.

Mini sessions are approximately 30 minutes long and will average around 50 full resolution and fully edited photos and will be provided in a digital download link. Should you prefer a photo CD, you may purchase one for $20

Edits will be my standard editing with a few B&W images. Should you desire any other edits or retouching, we can discuss additional pricing. However, I don’t normally do a whole lot of retouching anyway. What you’re used to seeing on my blog and website are (for the most part) standard editing.

You are free to use your session(s) at any time in between now and September 1st 2015. These sessions must be scheduled no later than August 1st, 2015. This will ensure that your session is completed prior to time and weather changes.

Turn around time for portrait galleries is approximately TWO WEEKS, please keep that in mind when purchasing and scheduling your session

Weekend Sessions for Spring and Summer 2015 will be LIMITED  and will be the first to be spoken for considering the “wedding season”  – so you will want to reserve your time slot as soon as possible!!!!

Should you miss your deadlines for any extenuating circumstances (or you just plain forget…) you may apply your purchase toward regular priced sessions. That’s the way Groupon does it… so why can’t i?!

Remember, all offers must be PURCHASED by 3/05 to take advantage of this sale.

c’mon spring!!!!

be infinitely blessed


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Brancheau Family v.2015

Jenny brought it to my attention that i have been photographing this family for 5 years now. Those five years… they’ve been engaged. married. expecting. celebrating. growing. instagramming. traveling. and becoming… more and more each time we meet.

i am so humbled to be here. with them… on this journey through life.

They just added another precious little man to their family.  Here are a few moments from our afternoon in photos.

f15BJenny000f15BJenny001there is so much personality in this family. i love it. f15BJenny002f15BJenny003f15BJenny004go ahead…. make cute baby noises. i won’t judge you.f15BJenny005f15BJenny006f15BJenny007little man brady. i almost brought him home with me. f15BJenny008f15BJenny009looooooooooooove mommy momentsf15BJenny010f15BJenny011f15BJenny012f15BJenny013Curt, Jenny and little men! i have enjoyed each time we are all together and cannot wait to see your family grow through the years. you all make me genuinely at peace and happy and an afternoon of photos with you is always a great way to spend the day! thank you for sharing your memories. journey. and lives with me!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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February. 16. 2015 - 12:07 pm

Denise Brancheau - These pics warmed my heart and I feel so blessed to have you all as my family !

February. 16. 2015 - 9:10 pm

Emmie Christmas - Jenny they are so cute. I wish I could see them and give them a hug.

Love Love Love

i can’t help but get a little bit excited for all the people who have recently become engaged but also for the many who will celebrate see their loving men drop to a knee and ask to join their lives!!!

wedding photography is such a joy and i am thankful for all the people who share their stories with me and let me be a witness to their love! Here’s to an amazing 2014 wedding season and a cheerful anticipation of the many love stories that i get to see in the coming months!14Weddings-Chriselda00014Weddings-Chriselda00114Weddings-Chriselda00214Weddings-Chriselda00314Weddings-Chriselda00414Weddings-Chriselda00514Weddings-Chriselda00614Weddings-Chriselda00714Weddings-Chriselda00814Weddings-Chriselda00914Weddings-Chriselda01014Weddings-Chriselda01114Weddings-Chriselda01214Weddings-Chriselda01314Weddings-Chriselda01414Weddings-Chriselda01514Weddings-Chriselda01614Weddings-Chriselda01714Weddings-Chriselda01814Weddings-Chriselda01914Weddings-Chriselda02014Weddings-Chriselda02114Weddings-Chriselda02214Weddings-Chriselda02314Weddings-Chriselda02414Weddings-Chriselda02514Weddings-Chriselda02614Weddings-Chriselda02714Weddings-Chriselda02814Weddings-Chriselda029be infinitely blessedsiggy

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