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the Hampton family

This little family is PRESHUS!!! We have a whole slew of inside jokes from our time together.

They are truly salt-of-the earth people and i so enjoyed photographing them.

bHAriel000bHAriel001bHAriel002bHAriel003this face. my goodness. it’s the best! bHAriel004bHAriel005bHAriel006bHAriel007ok. this right here. i want to print this off and frame it in my own house. i adore this little baby boy!bHAriel008not gonna lie… i like baby drool. :-pbHAriel009Josh and Ariel – thank you SO much for sharing your afternoons with me and for bringing this little ball of joy to me for photos. I had such a great time and have so enjoyed getting to know you and sharing laughter with you! thank you again and again for the opportunity to work alongside you!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Coral | 1 Year Old!

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, this little lady graced us with her sweet little baby self. And now… she’s a year old. I have been fortunate to photograph this little doll every three months to document her growth and first year. Each time we meet, she rolls out a new expression just in time for picture day. But she’s the cutest thing ever – so no matter what her little face scrunches to, it melts my heart and i want to kiss all over her. Seriously… just the cutest little bit ever.

b1Coral000b1Coral001b1Coral002b1Coral003prettiest girl. b1Coral004b1Coral005b1Coral006alright. be prepared for an abundance of cute. b1Coral007b1Coral008yessssssssssss. girl after my own heart!b1Coral009b1Coral010b1Coral011b1Coral012derrick, meg, and coral. this past year has gone by so quickly. i cannot believe she is already one. she is such a precious little lady. i have so enjoyed photographing her this year and am excited to see her grow more and more. thank you for sharing your family and your memories with me. they always make my world a better place!

be infinitely blessedsiggy


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Langford Girls | Amarillo Children’s Photographer

prepare for an overload of cute. these two little dolls made my morning of photography so easy and enjoyable.


kLAmber001kLAmber002kLAmber003ah! those eyes. kLAmber004kLAmber005is this little girl the cutest? or is she the cutest?kLAmber006kLAmber007kLAmber008kLAmber009kLAmber010kLAmber011such a good big sister. kLAmber012amber! thank you so much for bringing the girls to me! they are the cutest ever and their dresses were so classic! i love everything about your session and hope to see you again and again in the future!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Thomas’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

Daniel and Amy welcomed their precious little boy into their family a couple of months ago. I was fortunate to be a part of this amazing moment in their lives.  And i don’t say that lightly! I have known Daniel for quite some time. He is, perhaps, the most faithful and intentional man i have ever met. When he began praying that God place his bride in his life, he had very clear prayers.

When i met Amy, i knew that every single one of those prayers had been answered.  Even the prayers he hadn’t whispered yet …were answered.

Amy is, in short, my hero.  Bringing Thomas into this world … well… you just had to be there. The moment i arrived to the hospital, Amy was quiet and calm. A contraction would begin and she would exhale slowly – but picked up the conversation without skipping a beat when the contraction had ended. She was smiling and laughing. So much joyful anticipation for Thomas.

I am so fortunate to be able to witness and document this very tender moment when they added to their family and when God had shown his faithfulness yet again for my dear friends.

nHAmy000nHAmy001nHAmy002nHAmy003nHAmy004nHAmy005nHAmy006nHAmy007Daniel… this moment for you… friend! i am so honored to have been there. I know. I know just how much this moment meant to you. And i love that you were able to experience it. And i love the way you look at Amy.  nHAmy008nHAmy009nHAmy010nHAmy011nHAmy012nHAmy013nHAmy014this photo makes me tear up. the way a newborn can recognize his mother is the most beautiful thing. Thomas could not keep his eyes off of his mommanHAmy015nHAmy016nHAmy017nHAmy018 nHAmy020nHAmy019Daniel and Amy – this is where words will fail me. i love this for you. all of you. i am so happy for your family and for the blessings that will begin to pour in as your family continues to grow. Your faithfulness is inspiring. thank you. thank you for sharing your miracles with me.



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the Anderson Family

photographing this family the last couple of years has been so much fun.  Can we get a round of applause for their style? always impeccable.

15fAMolly00015fAMolly00115fAMolly002i’ll eat her up i love her so!!!!!15fAMolly00315fAMolly00415fAMolly00515fAMolly006i’ve seen molly in many different roles. but her role as a mother… it’s my favorite. there’s a connection that is so evident between the two. you just know that a beautiful and tender relationship will exist between them. 15fAMolly00715fAMolly00815fAMolly00915fAMolly010it’s all fun and games until you blow all the wishes away!15fAMolly01115fAMolly012ahhhh. daddy’s little girl. i love these moments.15fAMolly01315fAMolly01415fAMolly015this little girl. she’s PERFECT. 15fAMolly016Jordan and Molly – really. getting to know you is the true blessing and the true honor. It is so enriching to know you and to work alongside you both. I am always in awe of the things you accomplish and the way you create and change and fulfill. Thank you for being who you are, for living out your identity in Christ and for sharing your family and selves with me. You will never really know how much that means to me

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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