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Our Night in the Canyon | Personal

The idea came to us over dinner. Just a quick fleeting idea.

Do you like camping?

LOVE camping!

We should go camping!

And then i organized a camping trip for 12 high school and college girls from our student ministries group. We chose one of the hottest summer days yet and struggled our way through tent pitching, bug swatting, and fire starting. There were only a few moments when i took at the camera. We had encouraged the girls to be present for the evening. I never expected anything like what happened.

It was truly one of the most memorable evenings i will have this summer, or in this lifetime. The beauty of Palo Duro Canyon, and the willingness of the girls to open up to all of us, make new friends, and laugh and cry under a sky full of stars… well… that was the perfect combination for this spirit of mine.

we cannot wait to do it again.

p1506Camping000p1506Camping001p1506Camping002it always amazes me when people lack a fear of heights. p1506Camping003p1506Camping004After a round of silly photos and just staring out at everything this canyon had to offer, we quieted our minds and did praise and worship. It was crazy good. I haven’t felt that close to God in quite some time. I am blown away by the way these girls can unapologetically praise their father God. So so soooooo amazing.p1506Camping005p1506Camping006p1506Camping007This was my favorite part of the evening.  We all sat around a fire; new friends making conversation and opening up to one another. We had all scribbled down our regrets, insecurities, and doubts. And after we had talked about them and prayed over them… we tossed them into the fire. this was easily one of the most liberating things i have done.  What a great significance from one tiny piece of paper burning in the flames.p1506Camping008p1506Camping009p1506Camping010To be honest, taking young ladies on an overnight camping trip out in nature seemed like the perfect recipe for madness. I am so overwhelmed with pride to see how much they all pushed beyond their boundaries, their comfort zones, and their normal routines. When they decided the wanted to wake up at dawn to see the sunrise, i was surprised.  I probably shouldn’t have been. But i was. This morning hike was everything. p1506Camping011p1506Camping012the prettiest things can grow under hard circumstances. p1506Camping013p1506Camping014<<group hug>>p1506Camping015p1506Camping016to my twelve outstanding ladies (and the ones that weren’t able to join), i am SO honored and humbled to know each of you. to carry what you shared in my heart and in my prayers. i think so highly of each and every one of you and have SO enjoyed getting to know you. There is no doubt in my mind that you are all game changes, life shakers, and ministry builders! Thank you for coming out. For being who you are. For sharing yourselves with new friends. For teaching US. And for doing it all with grace, poise, and smiles. I will forever cherish these memories. Even if you did just come for the s’mores 😉

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Ermahgerd! it’s a SALE!

How is it already July 1st?!

In an effort to encourage you all to get your Christmas portraits done early(ish) this year… i’m offering an incentive: a SALE!

Purchase a mini session, get on my calendar, snag that weekend spot NOW.  Then we don’t have to be scurrying around trying to get a session worked in at the last minute!

You can purchase your session HERE.


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Only 20 Offers Available

Session MUST BE PURCHASED BY 07.04.15 by 12pm (noon)

Limit 2 Per family

Family Portrait Sessions only – family, children, portrait. (no events, parties, graduate sessions, etc)

Portrait sessions are for individual families and may not be applied toward multiple family sessions.

Sessions must be in Amarillo City Limits. No travel to Palo Duro Canyon, River, Lake Tanglewood, etc

Should you purchase multiple sessions, you may combine the photo sessions to create a longer session.

Mini sessions are approximately 30 minutes long and will average around 50 full resolution and fully edited photos and will be provided in a digital download link. Should you prefer a photo CD, you may purchase one for $20

Edits will be my standard editing with a few B&W images. Should you desire any other edits or retouching, we can discuss additional pricing. However, I don’t normally do a whole lot of retouching anyway. What you’re used to seeing on my blog and website are (for the most part) standard editing.

You are free to use your session(s) at any time in between now and March 1st 2016. These sessions must be scheduled no later than February 1st, 2016 This will ensure that your session is completed prior to time and weather changes.

If you are choosing a Fall 2015 session you must get on the schedule as soon as possible! I do not schedule beyond November 1st because of time and weather changes. This will ensure that you get them back in time to make Christmas Cards. If you want a weekend session this fall, you need to get that scheduled as quickly as you can. I only have weekend sessions available in September and October!

Turn around time for portrait galleries is approximately TWO WEEKS, please keep that in mind when purchasing and scheduling your session

Weekend Sessions for Fall 2015 are very LIMITED  and will be the first to be spoken for  – so you will want to reserve your time slot as soon as possible!!!!

Should you miss your deadlines for any extenuating circumstances (or you just plain forget…) you may apply your purchase toward regular priced sessions. That’s the way Groupon does it… so why can’t i?!

Remember, all offers must be PURCHASED by 07/04 to take advantage of this sale.

be infinitely blessed


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July. 2. 2015 - 4:59 pm

Robynn Winegeart - Long time no see! I bought a session! Heck of a deal! We will be seeing you sometime soon! There are FOUR of us now!

McKinsey | Maternity

McKinsey is the sweetest momma to be.  Not to mention, she is the teeniest lady i know!

I was so excited to be able to photograph her during her pregnancy and cannot wait to meet precious little Pazleigh!

mBMcKinsey000mBMcKinsey001mBMcKinsey002mBMcKinsey003mBMcKinsey004mBMcKinsey005mBMcKinsey006mBMcKinsey007mBMcKinsey008you are the prettiest. love this.mBMcKinsey009mBMcKinsey010McKinsey… from one momma heart to the other. You were chosen to be the mother of this angel. You will make an exceptional parent. I am so inspired by your drive and motivation and cannot wait to see how the road rises up to meet you. You have an endless supply of encouragement and support. I am so humbled to know you and to be here to make your story into memories.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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July. 2. 2015 - 12:13 pm

Karla Bull - Chriselda, I couldn’t agree more. What a beautiful moment. God has such an incredible future planned for these 2; I’m so blessed to be apart of McKinsey & Paizleigh’s path.

Russell and Taylor | Married

I met Taylor a few years ago when we were in the Christmas production at our church. Never would i have imagined that i would some day photograph her wedding. but what i did know was that Taylor was an exceptional woman and was so full of life and wanted everyone around her to live it abundantly. That’s just the way she is. You could be a complete stranger and she will walk up to you, invite you to her house for dinner, or on a cruise in international waters. She just doesn’t know a stranger and chooses to love every soul that crosses her path.

Russell and i met at the same church while serving in student ministries. He is quiet but intentional.  He spoke of his girlfriend often. The girlfriend that was out of the country on a mission trip. And then one day… the dots were connected and i knew it was Taylor. I could not have been more excited that she was thousands of miles away and this man was speaking so highly of my sweet friend… without her knowing.

But still, i had no clue that she would call me soon after to announce her engagement and ask me to photograph the wedding. But once she did… i knew i was in for a life changing journey with these two.

Russell and Taylor were married last month. It has been SUCH a joy to work with them. To photograph them. To watch them grow as individuals… and as a couple. To see the way they love each other. And the way they pull everyone they know into the tiny circle of their life and love on them without holding back.

bLawWedding000bLawWedding001bLawWedding002bLawWedding003you are quite a beauty, taylor law. bLawWedding004i think every face is made better with dimples. bLawWedding005The entire afternoon was calm and laid back. but in the event that there were any lingering nerves, Taylor and her mom made sure to laugh them all away. i LOVE the series of silly photos that led to these smiles. bLawWedding006bLawWedding007bLawWedding008bLawWedding009i love love LOVE a bride that doesn’t take things (or herself) too seriously. Taylor is the perfect combination of bridal elegance and genuine “girl next door”

These crack me upbLawWedding010bLawWedding011bLawWedding012not too bad yourself, Russell.bLawWedding013bLawWedding014bLawWedding015Let me be wordy here. Right before the ceremony starts, the bride is usually left in the room by herself while the parents and bridal party get lined up with the wedding coordinator. This has always baffled me.  So, i make it a point to stay back with the bride so that she is not completely alone. This is really the only time that i get to spend one on one with the bride. They are treasured and sweet memories for me. Taylor was calm and quiet but still so cheerful. She started rapping. Yes… rapping! And then the ceremony music could be heard around the corner and Taylor went quiet again then her breathing was slower. Excitedly, she said she couldn’t wait any longer for the coordinator to come get her… so she took off on her own.bLawWedding016bLawWedding017Here comes the bride! bLawWedding018bLawWedding019bLawWedding020bLawWedding021The way Russell always looks at Taylor…bLawWedding022bLawWedding023bLawWedding024bLawWedding025MARRIED!!!! bLawWedding026bLawWedding027bLawWedding028bLawWedding029bLawWedding030bLawWedding031bLawWedding032bLawWedding033bLawWedding034bLawWedding035bLawWedding036bLawWedding037bLawWedding038bLawWedding039bLawWedding040bLawWedding041bLawWedding042Russell and Taylor – you both have won me. I hope that this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship. I could not be more honored or thrilled to have been your wedding photographer. And not because it’s my job. But because i was able to witness and photograph a true celebration of love. Your wedding day was beautiful and effortless and one of my most favorite weddings in my career.  Each time we’ve met, i have come away loving the two of you even more and more and hope that there are many more side-splitting moments of ridiculous laughter on rooftops, serenades of mariachi music, macaroni and cheese, awkward family photos, dinners, times when Taylor just gets up in my face to say hi, or sends me creeper texts of “i see you” … but more importantly, i am excited to see the way you grow. and what marriage brings to you. and to see how you project God’s love and light to all of us. Thank you. for allowing me the true blessing of your friendship.

i love you more than cake.

be infinitely blessed



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June. 29. 2015 - 2:46 pm

Jill Leaming - I was looking through these stunning photos and I was like… hmmm that bridesmaid looks familiar (shalako law)…. then I saw Lauren (I shot her wedding a year ago!) and I got excited that I knew them! These are so perfect! Gorgeous as usual :)

Andrea | Bridal Portraits

Parker and Andrea are getting married today. I haven’t even been to their wedding yet. but i guarantee you it is going to be awesome!

I have truly enjoyed getting to know them the last several months and love hanging out with them. They are so fun and down to earth and have amazing families that make you feel right at home.

When Andrea and i met a couple of months ago for her bridal session, i knew she would be stunning. I just didn’t expect it to this extent…

bCAndrea000bCAndrea001bCAndrea002you have the most amazing smile. it’s always so genuine and free. bCAndrea003Parker… no offense. but you definitely have married UP.bCAndrea004bCAndrea005Andrea – you have made being your photographer such a treat. i am so honored to be a witness to your celebration and cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for the two of you.  You are a beauty and a wonderful spirit.  I couldn’t be more thankful that our paths have crossed.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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