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the Garcia Family

This little family. they are cute. they are dynamic. they are full of laughter. and gosh darnit… people like them!

bGAlejandra000bGAlejandra001i could steal her away… and nobody would thinking anything of it. she looks like she’s mine….right???bGAlejandra002bGAlejandra003{{peekaboo}}bGAlejandra004bGAlejandra005bGAlejandra006stop it right now. i just want to gobble her up! bGAlejandra007Justin & Alejandra…. i am so glad i was fortunate to meet you both.  i am so excited to for all the good things happening in your lives and am thrilled to be on the journey. thank you for always welcoming me into your lives, conversation, home and laughter. it’s the best place to find myself lately!!!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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the Perdue family

you guys…. this family right here. they are of the best kind of people. it was so much fun to photograph them.

bfPChrissy000bfPChrissy001bfPChrissy002Indy loves her pup, Mrs. Pickles! bfPChrissy003bfPChrissy004bfPChrissy005these next two photos… my goodness they look just alike! bfPChrissy006bfPChrissy007bfPChrissy008bfPChrissy009bfPChrissy010Indy needs to stand in front of my camera all the time. bfPChrissy011bfPChrissy012haha. bfPChrissy013bfPChrissy014bfPChrissy015bfPChrissy016it fell on my nose! bfPChrissy017bfPChrissy018Lance & Chrissy… and indy and pickles…. you know. there was a time when i looked across the room through tear filled eyes and saw you three sitting in the corner. box of benjamin’s donuts in hand. and i knew that our family was so lucky to have you as friends.  you three are so much brightness in our lives and i, for one, am eternally thankful for what you have brought in memories and laughter to our family.  i will never be able to express that adequately. thank you. so much.  and thank you for sharing your time with me and forgiving me for my haphazard absentmindedness. you are so appreciated and loved!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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Elena Rae

when Danton and Angela tell me it’s time for photos… i am overly excited! They are one of the most beautiful couples i know. and now they have this perfect little slice of heaven in baby form!

elena is perfection. but i expected that. seriously… the most precious infant and her nursery was so cute i wanted to pack it all up and bring it home to my own house.

b3RElena000b3RElena001b3RElena002b3RElena003b3RElena004b3RElena005b3RElena006baby fever, y’all. i have baby fever.b3RElena007b3RElena008b3RElena009b3RElena010b3RElena011i can’t stop cooing at this. gah.b3RElena012b3RElena013Danton, Angela, and Elena… you are such a beautiful family and i am so thrilled to have been a part of your entire journey. i look forward to watching your family grow and all the memories and milestones you celebrate! thank you for opening your home and story to me!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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January. 23. 2015 - 10:32 am

Angela - Thank you so much! Obsessed with how they turned out.

You’re the best.

New Pricing Standards

without getting into a long drawn out post about this… let me just say that it has been put on my heart lately to employ the following standards for my business

as of January 1st, 2015

  • Single Parents will not be required to purchase a digital gallery – this will be included in the cost of your session
  • Military – active or past military families will also not have to purchase the digital galleries.
  • First Responders – families of firemen, police, and paramedics will not have to purchase digital galleries
  • Families with children or parents currently battling cancer or struggling with genetic disorders or chronic illness will no longer be required to pay a session fee or purchase digital galleries

digital galleries are the entire collection of edited images ready for you to download, save, and print.

I remember when i first began a career in photography – that i thought it was exciting and rewarding. and gave me so much life. Somewhere, in the midst of having to make an income, i lost some of the passion/compassion for people and their hearts and stories. photography became a chore. i’m saddened by this. because i’m cheating myself out of so much more than taking photos. i’m losing the opportunity to witness some really amazing stories of family, faith and overcoming. and for what?Pricing001 copy

 i met a family recently that turned all that back around for me.  and it blew my mind that this mother was willing to scrape all of her pennies together for the sake of photographing her children- because it was THAT important to her.  i knew she would probably have to pass up something else just to make it happen. and it just didn’t seem right to take those pennies.pricing000 copy

i haven’t forgotten the struggles we had as a family, or any that i am currently facing. but i whole-heartedly believe that this career that i have had (and the blessings that have come from it) are not possible without the people who stand before me. and i never ever ever want to make this whole “photograph thing” an exclusive one.

i am overwhelmed with sadness when i hear that people don’t get their family photos done because they can’t see beyond a stack of medical bills. or because they are single income households.  money is such a fickle little thing. sometimes it’s feast or famine. and i totally get that. but i also understand that when you have a tighter budget that photographing your family is a luxury and not a necessity.fRVanessa056 copy

but not having photographs and visual memories is just not acceptable to me.

which is why i will roll out this new pricing. i completely trust that those who fall under these categories will be good stewards of *my* time and understand that this is my way of saying “i completely understand.” and that you will also recognize that i stand in the same position you do.

i am so thankful to have been self employed for so long. as a single parent. as the sister to someone who battled with cancer.  and as the daughter of a first responder/military parent.  i know how much i cling to my family photos. the posed ones. the silly ones. the candid ones. those are memories. and sometimes those are a daily salvation. and no family or individual should have to miss out on creating/capturing these little slices of life because of circumstances beyond your control.

and there you have it.

infinite blessings

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Winnie the Pooh | ALT Academy

if any of you have learned anything from me… i hope it’s that you know to purchase your tickets to any show that takes place at Amarillo Little Theatre well in advance! Their academy also produces the best of the best shows that really highlight the talents of children in our community.

Winnie the Pooh was one of my most beloved shows as a child. Watching/photographing this brought back so many fond memories and made me remember the simple delight of youth. Such a beautiful little show with so much warmth and ooey-gooeyness.

i hope you secured your tickets for this weekend… because they are most likely sold out… and it hasn’t even started yet!

WinnieThePooh001 copyWinnieThePooh008 copythese bees. oh my. they will steal your heart they are soooo precious.WinnieThePooh017 copyEeyore was always my favorite… i guess….. WinnieThePooh033 copyWinnieThePooh042 copyWinnieThePooh083 copyWinnieThePooh114 copyWinnieThePooh124 copyPoor Kanga… she was so misunderstood. She was just trying to help. WinnieThePooh127 copyWinnieThePooh140 copyWinnieThePooh161 copyWinnieThePooh208 copycast, crew, and mr. jason… your passion for performing arts is second to none. i love that you bring shows to life where our youth can thrive and grow. it is truly my biggest blessing in life to consider this place a home away from home!

ALT is the Place to Be!!siggy

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